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    Default 278th Down

    Just read the raw. I hope you are all ready for MORTAL KOMBAT !!

    The latter half of this chapter was surprisingly heavy for this series IMO. I think it works though.

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    here is the translation by Xophien

    Eyeshield 21 chapter 278

    Page 01

    278th Down :The strongest personal coach
    Left : Getting ready for the time of the decisive battle drawing near, heavily sweating because of the training, devote your flesh and blood for the sake of the victory to come!!

    Page 02-03 (spread)

    Hiruma : Cry tears of joy, guys!
    Hiruma : Itís the super wonderful
    Hiruma : personal coaches from hell!!
    Bottom right text : For the sake of not ending their dream, let the successive special training with the dream combo start!

    Kid : Well, youíre carefully prepared, really...
    Kid : Hiruma-shi sent around contracts before the tournament
    Kid : ďNo matter what team wins over Kantou, the other teams will cooperate for the conquest of the nationals.Ē
    (TN : -shi, if you donít remember it, is an honorifics similar but far less used than -san)

    Akaba : Fuu... In the first place, knocking down Teikoku is
    Akaba : the dearest wish of the whole Kantou.
    Unsui : Whether there had been that contract or not
    Unsui : If you want strength, we would have helped.

    Mizumachi : hmm... Youíre all saying cool things, but the truth is
    Mizumachi : Thatís because until the next season, we have nothing to do.
    Someone : He said it, haa!

    Pupil - Personal Coach
    Sena - Shin
    Kurita - Gaou
    Monta - Ikkyuu
    Yukimitsu - Tetsuma
    Taki - Akaba
    Ishimaru - Riku
    Komusubi - Ootawara
    Juumonji - Kakei
    Kuroki - Mizumachi
    Toganou - Banba

    Page 04

    Hiruma : Kekeke, the fucking drunkard you are
    Hiruma : Canít be Kuritaís opponent anymore
    Doburoku : Well, itís impossible already for anyone else than Gaou...

    Doburoku : Itís not only for Kurita
    Doburoku : Itís better for guys of a same or better level to do it.
    Doburoku : I miss the time when I had the upper hand in trainings with this old body
    Doburoku : Youíve grown up to the point you completely defeated me in every actual battle...!

    Riku : To quickly raise up your speed
    Riku : Itís good to do a spartan running at a speed that is
    Riku : A bit over your own maximum speed
    Yukimitsu : it canít be
    Yukimitsu : This rope...

    Yukimitsu : Definitely trying hard!!
    Yukimitsu : 5.5sec
    Ishimaru : 4.9sec
    Tetsuma : 5.0sec
    Riku : 4.5sec
    *40 yards dash times

    Page 05

    Doburoku : This is why
    Doburoku : Senaís personal coach regarding speed is
    Doburoku : of course only Shin...!
    Sena : P-P-Please treat me favorably...

    Doburoku : Do a square run!
    Doburoku : Do nothing but chasing each other without going off your course!

    Sena : Heeeee...
    Sena : Even though I managed to defeat
    Sena : that scary Shin-san at the end of the Oujou match
    Sena : Is it really alright to fight here who knows how many rounds...??

    Shin : Even if itís training
    Shin : Letís go with all our strength
    Shin : Eyeshield 21...!

    Sena : Yes...!!

    Page 06

    Someone : Wooooooh!?

    Doburoku : To...
    Doburoku : To think those guys...
    Doburoku : can push it this far...

    Sena : Shin-san
    Sena : If I slow down my speed even a little bit heíll catch me

    Sena : Wait, this
    Sena : The turns are hard...!

    Shin : Those 90 degrees turns at maximum speed
    Shin : And that severe square-shaped course
    Shin : It will train your cutting skills...!

    Shin : The two of them
    Shin : With the limit speed of the human realm
    Shin : The 40 yards 4.2sec dash

    Page 07

    Narration : Comrades with the best speed
    Narration : It wouldnít have been possible if not for those two
    Narration : The ultimate personal training...!

    Page 08

    Kakei : Incredible... Even more than at the time he faced me
    Kakei : Constant 4.2sec
    Kakei : This is the world of the speed of light...!

    Kakei : But
    Kakei : Itís possible that that kind of thing...
    Kakei : That real Eyeshield 21
    Kakei : Yamato Takeru...

    Kakei : Juumonji
    Juumonji : Ah!?
    Kakei : The delinquent deathblow
    Kakei : You were the best one in that skill, right?

    Kakei : Someone like you will be able to help Sena
    Kakei : Because as I am
    Kakei : I canít fight with Yamato

    Kakei : Within those three weeks, I will give you
    Kakei : all my hand techniques...!

    Akaba : Fuu... It fits well
    Akaba : It fits! Your musical sense...!
    Mamori : Those two are the ones that will get the most out of hand...

    Page 09


    Page 10

    Ikkyuu : What the heck, since the beginning, hey!!

    Ikkyuu : Youíre oni not getting it!
    Ikkyuu : I donít get it
    Ikkyuu : The only one not motivated is you, Monta!!
    Yamabushi : Oh, oh, wait
    Yamabushi : Calm down, Ikkyuu...

    Ikkyuu : But that guy
    Ikkyuu : since the beginning...
    Ikkyuu : Heís just being that weak!
    Ikkyuu : To think I lost to a guy like him, doesnít it make me seem stupid, you know?!

    Monta : Iím sorry
    Monta : Even though you went through the trouble of coming for a personal practice
    Monta : Iím
    Monta : sorry...!!

    Page 11

    Honjou : So, what do you think
    Honjou : of the Christmas Bowl, Taka?

    Taka : Nothing in particular...
    Taka : Itís the same as every match
    Taka : Weíll quietly win the championship
    Taka : Nothing specially interesting, just the routine

    Honjou : Hahaha
    Honjou : Being the best is problematic too

    Honjou : Taka
    Honjou : Ever since you were young
    Honjou : I planned to pass on you
    Honjou : All my skills as a fielder

    Honjou : A father and son
    Honjou : personal coaching...!

    Page 12

    Sign : Tokyo Stadium

    Sena : As I though
    Sena : You came there
    Sena : Tokyo Stadium...

    Monta : You know, Iíve
    Monta : alwaaaays
    Monta : wanted to become the second Honjou

    Honjou : Raimon-kun! Youíre incredible!
    Honjou : As your personal coach
    Honjou : Iíll teach you everything I know!

    Page 13

    Monta : The most precious thing in the world for me, that glove
    Monta : was the only connection I have to Honjou-san

    Monta : For those ten years, day after day
    Monta : I sworn on this glove to keep going with MAX effort
    Monta : And saw a dream of getting closer to Honjou-san

    Monta : Honjou Taka
    Monta : Every day, he grew up
    Monta : under the personal care of the real deal

    Monta : At the Christmas Bowl
    Monta : I
    Monta : I will..

    Monta : The foil I am
    Monta : will be
    Monta : crushed
    Monta : by the Honjou family...

    Monta : Hahaha itís hopeless
    Monta : Iím thinking myself Iíll be crushed even before the match
    Monta : Ikkyuu-senpai saw through me immediately

    Monta : I canít do it
    Monta : really...
    Monta : I sent a mail to Hiruma-senpai
    Monta : Just before

    Page 14

    Monta : Asking to remove me from the membersí list
    Monta : For the Christmas Bowl

    Sena : What are you saying...
    Sena : After getting this far
    Monta : Because I canít take part in it!!

    Monta : I know my own situation the best!
    Monta : I wonít be able to catch a single thing at the match!
    Monta : I wouldnít even be able to lay a hand on that guy!!

    Monta : I was always aiming for him
    Monta : Why that Taka!
    Monta : Why am I Honjou-sanís enemy!!

    Monta : Always... for ten years
    Monta : I was with this glove, always...
    Monta : I
    Monta : canít fight
    Monta : against Honjou-san...

    Page 15

    Sena : If Monta isnít there
    Sena : Thereís no way we can fight with Teikoku!
    Sena : What will you do
    Sena : about everyone...!?

    Sena : More that something like this glove...

    Page 16

    Monta : Glove...
    Monta : Honjou-san
    Monta : My
    Monta : glove...!

    Monta : Itís dangerous, Monta
    Monta : With that traffic...

    Page 17

    Monta : What could a guy like you
    Monta : understand, Sena!

    Monta : Honjou-san is my everything!
    Monta : Thereís nothing more important to me than this glove in this world...!!

    Taka : If youíre talking about the video of Raimon Tarou, I saw it
    Taka : He was a boring player.

    Sena : The most important thing
    Sena : Rather than this glove

    Sena : Itís winning
    Sena : the Christmas Bowl with everyone, right!

    Page 18-19 (spread)

    Sena : More than Honjou-san!
    Sena : More than the glove!

    Sena : The most important thing is
    Sena : the championship, right!!
    Top left : A call to friendship... Directed to Montaís heart!!
    Sena : Am I wrong!?

    Sena : Monta!!!

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    the delinquent spider deathblow poison... the perfect cover against the real eyeshield...

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    i second that... second half was surprisingly heavy for a comedy manga indeed. not that i mind, it went pretty well.

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    ^Not especially surprising coming from Monta...he's the most sentimental on the team.

    Let's just wait for someone to set him straight and he'll start training even harder, since that's how predictable a character he is.
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    It will be interesting to see how the "Ha-Ha" brothers and Taki develop. I think out of everyone, those four have yet to really shine. I also hope Yukimitsu works on his stamina so he can finally play a full game; Himura is going to have his hands full against Teikoku's tactics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Urameshi-sama View Post
    ^Not especially surprising coming from Monta...he's the most sentimental on the team.

    Let's just wait for someone to set him straight and he'll start training even harder, since that's how predictable a character he is.
    He's usually emotional in the aggressive/competitive sense though IMO. When he's been down before it certainly hasn't been to the extent of getting in a fight with his best friend(although maybe he would do that in any mood when his glove was destroyed).

    I'd say his bouncing back would be a foregone conclusion even if he wasn't such a simple character. It's shounen sports after all. That being said, I don't have the slightest clue how he could match up with Taka. Most of the good Kanto receiver/DBs had unique physical skills rather than special techniques. The only one I can think of offhand was the Ptera Claw, and I don't even remember seeing that guy there.

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    Where is Agon???? ......

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    Quote Originally Posted by SiegKroxic View Post
    Where is Agon???? ......
    He's too busy being a badass to help.

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    Wrong. He is too busy pimpin to help.


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