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  • Kurita

    12 33.33%
  • Kurita + Ootowara

    4 11.11%
  • Kurita + Ootowara+Agon

    5 13.89%

    7 19.44%
  • simply not possible

    8 22.22%
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    I'm sure Kurita will find a way to win, but first things first he needs to stop acting like a wimp (yeah right, like that's ever going to happen, he'll at least get over his fear of Gaou though).

    I personally don't find Gaou too much, I mean we needed someone who can outdo Kurita in order to give Kurita some competition. Up til now, Kurita was pretty much able to beat everyone through pure power, now it's his turn to experience battling someone with more power than him, but I have confidence he'll win somehow or another.

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    i dont think kurita can win.. his bench press is 160 compared to gaou's that is 200.. it seems like kurita got to do more death march practice.. maybe in the Himalayan? or, i like the idea kurita taking steroids...
    or maybe hiruma would thinking some new tricky plays bcause he also thinks that kurita couldn't take that gaou.. damn that superhuman gaou.. but, hiruma definitely will not take any steroids though...
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    Quote Originally Posted by echoblaze View Post

    i really don't think kurita can take gaou. banba wasn't able to do it, and that says a lot. kurita will probably be able to stall long enough for hiruma to do his thing though. plus kurita won't easily get broken bones 'cause he has so much fat as a cushion, lol
    that's the point.. If Kurita can stall long enough to stop him from getting to Hiruma, then it counts as stopping him.

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    jwhiskey is offline Senior Member Well Known
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nekogal View Post
    that's the point.. If Kurita can stall long enough to stop him from getting to Hiruma, then it counts as stopping him.

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    shottabwoy is offline Senior Member Well Known
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    Man this is a pure contest of fatty flubber versus tons of muscle.

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    Arcane Azmadi is offline Senior Member Well Known
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    Yeah, Kurita's power largely comes from his massive bulk, which lets him literally FLATTEN opponents when he slams into them.

    But keep in mind that when it comes to raw power Kurita IS stronger than Banba -Banba himself said so at the end of the Taiyo match- and that was BEFORE the Death March. And Banba was able to stand up to Gaou for quite a long time before he finally succumbed to his injuries, that's why Harao escaped unharmed. Strength statistics aren't everything anyway, otherwise Otawara would never have been a match for Kurita in the first place. So the question isn't whether Kurita can keep Gaou away from Hiruma, it's whether he can stand up to the punishment he has to be able to take to do so.

    Also keep in mind that Gaou isn't the only one who can rend metal with his bare hands, remember what Kurita did to Musashi's truck!

    But with regard to the upcoming match, well... it's hard to say. I imagine it'll start off with the usual pattern with Kurita displaying shaky confidence that will be immediately destroyed when Gaou walks all over him. But then he'll slowly start to claw back ground until the decisive moment where he beats Gaou and decides the match in Deimon's favor. We've seen similar patterns before- Sena vs Shin (Deimon vs Oko 1), Kurita vs Banba (Deimon vs Taiyo), Komusubi vs Mizumachi (Deimon vs Kyoshin) and Monta vs Ikkyu (Deimon vs Shinryuuji). But I'm still predicting on Gaou taking out Hiruma at some stage before the end of the game.
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    i am just curious about this one, since kurita atill hide a lot of potential inside his big size....but, looking at gaou's power until chapter 246 is just impossible even for many linemen to stop him....

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    that's why i'm saying even if kurita goes into frenzy-mode, he shouldn't be able to overpower - or even match - gaou. the best he should be able to do is stall long enough for hiruma to pass the ball. which is what i think will happen. but yah, hiruma might get hurt. in which case they'll go with sena's runs, all the time.


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