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    Default The First Year Vs The Upper Classmen

    There is colour pages showing first year vs upper classmen...... i saw the pictures and there is a lot of pace in first year....Sena, Riku and Panther and pretty powerful linemen.... but only one QB in Marco...... who do you think it's gonna win...... i think upper classmen will win the match... what do you think

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    Both teams have pretty powerful players, but I agree with you; the upperclasmen would probably win. For one they have more experience (even if it's just a years worth) and they have more team members like Hiruma and the Kid who could think of more tricky plays.

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    The upperclassman would definetly win with Shin, Agon, and Hiruma on the same side.

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    Akaba, Shin and Agon = Instant win

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    While it's an interesting idea, I was just wondering what this was about? Is it a preview for an upcoming gimmick filler arc in the anime, or is it just a cool image? Because it certainly would be cool, if it happened.
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    well, the first years have gaou who's the strongest player ever, and sena who's the fastest player ever.

    on the other hand, hiruma, shin, akaba, agon, kid - each individual's intelligence beats any first year (well, we don't know about marco yet), and their physical abilities are nothing to scoff at.

    in the end, i predict that it'd be a close match with the upper-year's winning - only because there's a lack of any clear leader/strategists on their side, whereas the upper years are filled with mental powerhouses. not to mention the upper years have the two best kickers in the tournament.

    prediction might change if marco turns out to be uber-genius though.

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    I'm more surprise to find that Macro was a freshmen.

    Back on topic, Gaou = total domination.

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    The first years will play running game with Riku, Sena and Panther on their side. Gaou can easily opens the path for the running backs, and Marco can give the ball to either one of those three. They can use the Killer Hornet where only one of them actually holds the ball while the other two fake having it.

    Besides, Marco can also passes the ball to Monta. With Mizumachi and Kakei to support Gaou, the team can prove to be a deadly opponent for the upper classmen. However, their main problem is the absence of a strong kicker.

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    Remember though, there are still other upper and lower class players missing. And most of the members of the Dinosaurs still have yet to show what they are truly capable of. I can't bet on either one of them, but I think it'll be a very close match.
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    Well I don't know because the upperclassmen have 2 brilliant QB (Hiruma and Kid) on their team. The freshman only has one QB, but he may be a genius just like Hiruma and Kid. Plus, they have Gao (he can be considered as a whole line) and alot of fast guys on their team.


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