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Thread: chapter 237

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    Default chapter 237

    a very intense chapter i should say, and the translation just makes me wanna get on the scanlated version REAL soon XD

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    oh woww, so *that's* what yukimitsu did. i didn't read the translation, but i caught the gist of it. pretty cool. question: if sena/monta/etc gets taken down, do they still get a kick, or does time run out and it's game over ?

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    it should be a timeout and gameover.. i can't wait to see how Hiruma will handle things in the next chapter..

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    >.> credit, posts of thanks, etc. <.<

    ES21 237th Down

    Page 01-02 (spread)

    Red text : By becoming stronger, the lie will become a reality...
    Blue text : The ones going to the Christmas Bowl will be Oujou!
    237th Down : Holy War

    Page 03

    Sena : If Shin-san’s ball
    Sena : Crosses the line even a little...

    Torakichi : With a touchdown
    Torakichi : Oujou will turn the tables and win...!!

    Kurita : But
    Kurita : if we prevented it...

    Someone : Which
    Someone : is it...!!?

    Page 04

    *the translator randomly goes crazy*

    Page 05

    Someone : Touch
    Someone : dooooown!!!

    Page 06

    Announcer : They turned the tables!
    Announcer : The Oujou White Knights
    Announcer : turned the tables!!

    Announcer : The remaining time
    Announcer : is almost 0!

    Referee : The remaining time on the game clock
    Referee : is one second!!!

    Sena : One second...
    Sena : There’s one second
    Sena : left...

    Page 07

    Toganou : Then that means
    Kuroki : It’s not over yet, right?
    Juumonji : Yeah.

    Doburoku : Now since Oujou just scored
    Doburoku : They only have to do one last kick off

    Doburoku : Of course since there’s only one second left
    Doburoku : The time will be up immediately.
    Doburoku : But during this last play
    Doburoku : You will be able to run until you’re stopped...!

    Juumonji : From the kick-off all the way to a touchdown... is that it?
    Juumonji : To do in one play what would take ten.
    Juumonji : It’d be easier to go through the eye of a needle.

    Sena : Even so
    Sena : We still have a chance...!!

    Page 08

    Takami : ... The remaining time
    Takami : was altered.

    Takami : The plan was for it to be a clean 0 seconds 00
    Takami : so that with no remaining time it was over for Deimon.

    Shin : At the end of the last play
    Shin : Yukimitsu Manabu

    Shin : understood they couldn’t stop me

    Shin : and before the time ran out

    Shin : did the opposite
    Shin : And pushed me through the goal line...!!

    Page 09

    Kid : In that extreme situation
    Kid : You might say it was the best choice...

    Unsui : His tenacity gave birth
    Unsui : to a brilliant play...!

    Shin : Even though you’re the opponent
    Shin : It was splendid...!

    Page 10

    Yukimitsu : That’s as far as I can go.
    Yukimitsu : I could only do this trivial thing.
    Yukimitsu : I leave the rest to you
    Yukimitsu : Sena... kun...

    Page 11

    Sena : Thanks, Suzu...
    Sena : na...?

    Suzuna : Don’t say it.
    Suzuna : I know already
    Suzuna : Even though I’m the cheering captain I can’t help shaking
    Suzuna : I know already.

    Suzuna : During the match against Seibu
    Suzuna : It was like right now, in the end the victory was to be decided on the last kick-off

    Suzuna : We lost.

    Suzuna : I don’t want to see a second time
    Suzuna : everyone being so sad...

    Page 12

    Suzuna : I can...
    Suzuna : do nothing but cheering
    Suzuna : Sena
    Suzuna : You must
    Suzuna : You must...!!

    Sena : It’s alright
    Sena : We’ll win
    Sena : Suzuna.

    Juumonji : Sena
    Juumonji : The one to catch the ball and run will be you.

    Monta : With a last one-shot showdown
    Monta : You have no choice but to surpass
    Monta : The perfect player Shin-san...!

    Page 13

    Sena : During this match
    Sena : I finally understood one thing

    Sena : I’ve been always watching Monta and Sakuraba-san.
    Sena : No, Shin-san too, Agon-san too, everyone.

    Sena : The American football players standing on the field
    Sena : Never say anything like
    Sena : “I may win”

    Sena : I didn’t have much self-confidence
    Sena : I couldn’t get those words out of my chest.
    Sena : “I will win!” “I am the strongest!”

    Sena : That’s why, I will face Shin-san
    Sena : In a last battle, wearing this

    Sena : As the proof I carry the name of the strongest runner of this era.

    Page 14

    Someone : Eyeshield
    Someone : 21!!!

    Page 15

    Akaba : In the end, with 1 second left
    Akaba : Losing by 4 points, Deimon is at an overwhelming disadvantage.

    Kid : But
    Kid : Somehow Deimon’s power explodes
    Kid : under such circumstances...

    Hiruma : Kekeke
    Hiruma : After all, it became that way in the end.

    Someone : The attack of Deimon against
    Someone : The defense of Oujou...!!

    Takami : Yeah
    Takami : We came back to the starting point
    Takami : to conclude our last decisive battle.

    Ootawara : Bahaha! Kuritaa!
    Ootawara : If I finaaaaally win there!
    Ootawara : It’ll be a payback for when I lost against you in the spring tournament!

    Ootawara : But well
    Ootawara : for that payback

    Page 16

    Ootawara : Actually
    Ootawara : I would have wanted
    Ootawara : for the decisive battle between Oujou and Deimon to take place in the Christmas Bowl...!!

    Kurita : .........
    Kurita : yes
    Kurita : Yeah...!

    Page 17

    Hiruma : Kekeke
    Hiruma : On the other hand, this can’t happen

    HiruTaka : This will end here
    Hiruma : For you bastards...!
    Takami : For you guys...!!

    Announcer : Well then!
    Announcer : As if it was predestined
    Announcer : With one second left
    Announcer : This is the final kick-off...!!!

    Page 18-19 (spread)

    Kurita : !!?
    Sena : Eh?
    Sena : The kicker is...

    Hiruma : Ootawara...!!

    Ootawara : BAAAA
    Ootawara : HAAAA!!!

    Page 20

    Someone : Woooh this is...
    Someone : An exploding squib kick!!

    Monta : Damn it... Power MAX!
    Monta : It’s impossible
    Monta : That kind of ball, jumping around on that muddy earth...

    Hiruma : That fucking four-eyes
    Hiruma : He chose to do a completely unpredictable kick!
    Hiruma : Ootawara kicking was such an underhanded trick...

    Someone : That berserk ball
    Someone : Monta somehow caught it!

    Monta : That’s useless, with my legs
    Monta : Against the strongest defense Oujou
    Monta : I can’t run all the way until the touchdown.

    Sena : Then pass...
    Sena : No, it’s impossible, if it’s Monta it’ll go out of control!

    Hiruma : I have to think of something
    Hiruma : I have to get my fucking brain in gear
    Hiruma : and think of something in 0.2 seconds.

    Mamori : Time up
    Doburoku : Nothing more can be done...!

    Left : The hopes... are collapsing!?

    Hiruma : What should we do
    Hiruma : What should we do......!!

    For those too lazy to go to the site.

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    XD, the scanlation is out anyway.. but the file is like 27mb, so i'm waiting for someone else to come up with scanlation..

    EDIT: nvm, there is one from
    Fusion D

    Believe scan shrinked one.. from 27 to 12MB
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    there was like... 3 touchdowns in the last minute and 4 if sena makes it...

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    Sena is probably going to make it. I'm more interested in seeing how the Dinosaurs-Gunman match turns out.

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    i reckon Dinasours is gonna win the match cus they might have the 'real' eyeshield 21

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    OBVIOUSLY the Dinosaurs are going to annihilate Seibu- only once in the series have the Devil Bats ever met the same team twice and that's Oujo; 2 confrontations kept widely separated to show how strong the Devil Bats have come since the Spring season. And since Sena has already beaten Riku in their last match, there's no real point to the Devil Bats facing the Gunmen again (Monta will just have to wait). Besides, one of the series' mos tiresomely overused gimmicks is demonstrating the strength of a previously unknown team by having them flatten a team previously thought to be amazing- Shinryuuji annihilated Oujo and Kyoshin, Seibu crushed Taiyo, Kyoshin beat Hashiratani (who never actually played Deimon, but the principle is the same) and Zokugaku, etc etc. It's tiresomely predictable.

    Regarding the Deimon/Oujo game though, the result is also completely predictable. In what will likely be a homage to his first ever play (against Koigahama in vol. 1) Sena is going to catch the ball from Monta (who's big moment will be his first EVER accurate throw) and dodge the ENTIRE White Knights team in a flat-out run, climaxing with his final face-off with Shin. He may actually exceed the human limit of speed by doing 40 in 4 seconds flat (since Shin can now do 4.2 himself). Surprise twists be damned, after his dialogue in 237 it is physically impossible for Sena to lose this one.

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    Well it was probably entirely imposslible for him to lose it ever since the match started. You knew that, at one time, Sena was going to beat Shin in a head to head battle, or you couldn't call him Eyeshield 21.
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