After reading Eyeshield 21 chp. 218. I found something very suspicious. Apparently Hiruma seems a little too relax at the end of the chapter. In contrast when they fight the Shinryuji Naga, and no options at the end of the game was possible.

So here's a little extreme prediction of what will happen a few chapters ahead:

1. DD will reveal a new formation with the lead of Hiruma
2. Sena will surpass the 4.2 s speed barrier
3. The secret training prior to the game will eventually pays off, and possibly revealing devestating physical effect
4. Musashi's kick, Kurita's power over Otawara, Juumonji's ability over Ikari will be a great factor.
5. No to forget a dramatic effects that will lead all DD's player surpassing every Oujou's player

PS: go the Colts