I know this is probablydiscussed somewhere but i don't know where it is, but hey well anyway this is my big question for eyshield 21. How will the Deimon Deivl Bats beat Oujou White Knights?

From the looks of it Oujou is at a complete advantage. And from what i know so far is that Oujou might win against Deimon.

Shin, Ootawara and Sakuraba had become more poweful then they have before.

They will let Ikari lose in this match because he's probably the one best save for last

It is said that Monta won't be able to counter Sakuraba's Everest pass catch (ch 207)

Ballista the secret weapon

Deimon has lose all of it's trump cards (ch 206)

Riku taught Rodeo Drive to Shin (ch 203), the complete trident tackle

and that's all i know... So by the looks if it, Deimon looked like pretty much screwed.

YES, i know people will all go like "it is obvious that Deimon will go to the christmas bowl so then they will win", but from what i have heard in another shonen jum spports manga "Slam Dunk" is that they didn't win in the finals. So could this be happening too to Eyshield 21?

Any thoughts from you guys?