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  • Yes! Its about football! Touchdown!

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    4 23.53%
  • Not sure if i like it or hate it. Hutt!

    3 17.65%
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    MrTerrorist is offline Member Frequent Poster
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    Question Will this series be popular to ...

    American football fans & NFL fans in the US?

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    MrTerrorist is offline Member Frequent Poster
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    Wink PS. I forgot to mention

    I don't know much about the game of football & i never like reading ES21. I only know much about football from the movie The Waterboy & other movies or comedy movies about football. Sorry.

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    jarharnamme is offline Member Frequent Poster
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    edited :
    okay i don't like american football
    but after i read eyeshield
    i slowly gain some knowledge about american football
    but i still didn't like american football that much..not that i will watch in on the television
    but eyeshield was very good to me
    (huh if i like eyeshield means i should like american football?huh?duh?)
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    DuneKoon is offline Banned Respected Member
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    Behind YOU!


    The thing is when you read the intos and info pages and you see it's about football? you think wow thats gay. i like football and i like manga but the same goes for ice cream and hotsauce dosent mean a thing. but if you took the time to read youd see it was cool the thing is not many people are willing to do that.

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    otbaht is offline Senior Member Well Known
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    dont like sports at all but i love es21 but i dont like any other sports manga go figure
    nobody is perfect im a nobody therefor i am perfect

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    dashia is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    Oct 2006


    i hardly watch any american football though..unless it is in a movie..i think the first time i watch a american football movie was titled the lilttle giants produced by disney if im not mistaken..
    since im very flexible in liking a particular sports though im just a girl, i found out eyeshield 21 had made me to like the sport..a better understanding about football of course..but not all sports manga can make me like that sports..i still dont watch tennis though i love prince of tennis..
    i think what makes eyeshield 21 appeals to anyone is because the characters itself..

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    famousmako is offline Senior Member Regular
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    Eyeshield isn't all about football though, there are a lot of good characters that get really involved in the story .

    (I hope Monta gets some new moves.)
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    d.A. is offline Senior Member Well Known
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    I'm probably the biggest football fan on these forums and it's just like DuneKoon says it's not directly related.

    I picked it up because I was bored and it was recommened to me not because the subject of it was football.

    Football fans will have mixed feelings about ES 21, it's either a "like" or "hate."

    The manga itself helps understand basics of the game but exaggerations like the 4.2 speed and the lack of other vital basic aspects of the gamesuch as Punting, cutblocking, zone vs man coverage, QB checkdowns - keep it from being true to real football. All of those aspects are very basic aspects of the game that are taught at the begining, you can't do football justice without them. The lack of those will keep it from being accepted by a significant number of football fans.

    Even the less hardcore football fans are likely turned off by lack of the details that make the game interesting. Some examples are the lack of: Offensive and defensive formations, importance of press coverage, stunts and strategic rushes on defense, nickle/dime/quarter/goal line situations, and stretch blocking. Without those its like playing playing basketball without having to dribble or playing poker with only half a deck.

    In short: The manga is good for its character development not for its football. The manga will bring people to football, but football won't bring people to the manga.
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