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    Quote Originally Posted by Weimario-kun View Post
    Well, I guess if you can't trust 3rd person recounts of the recorded times then you'd had best make a first person investigation and time them yourself.
    It’s not that I don’t trust third person recounts, it’s just the third person recounts aren’t logical in comparison to Olympic status. If something doesn’t make sense, it’s only natural to try and explain it. I did go research this matter and the basis of my findings are here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Weimario-kun View Post
    Of course that would be a little difficult so lets just wait for "Mythbusters" to get on the case? But just don't cry conspiracy in case the times are proven valid. Nor will I be anymore indifferent if they 'bust' the myth. But dam this thread is kinda ruining the E21 thing.
    Mythbusters isn’t doing it anytime soon. Hence why this discussion is here in the first place.

    This isn’t a chapter thread. It’s not like it’s destroying your ES21 story. It’s comparing ES21 to real life.

    How do you do that? Comparing the aspects of the manga to real life.

    We are simply getting the facts straight.

    Quote Originally Posted by Weimario-kun View Post
    I always like that mangas base on real life adds just that amount of creative imagination that that does not overload the manga in the realm of complete unbelievable BS. Now we are discussing that the 'facts' were BS in the first place? =.=.........
    If you think this manga doesn’t have its fair share of unbelievable BS, then you need a reality check. There are so much people that are skewing what is real and what is “unbelievable BS.”

    Quote Originally Posted by Weimario-kun View Post
    Even if its a myth (the 4.2 sec 40 yard dash) its real enough in the E21 manga universe and all that matters for even those w/o any knowledge in American football, the 4.2 sec thing only really comes off as a measure in the speed prowess of the manga's hero's/villains.
    Again we are comparing it to real life. Believe it’s a fact if you want - ignorance is bliss after all. I’m merely adding information that few if any one else on these forums knew beforehand, that openly explains the discrepancies of the sport in question. The 40 yard dash is a measure of speed, yes. However, in real life no one can get up off their couch and suddenly run a 4.2 40 yard dash. This thread is comparing your so called heroes/villains to real life.

    Quote Originally Posted by Weimario-kun View Post
    If they reported in the news that there was a person with a reaction speed of Agon in the manga I'd take that news with a grain of salt but I'd accept that as a creative element from the mangaka as long as it doesn't sound completely BS.
    It already is complete BS.

    Quote Originally Posted by Weimario-kun View Post
    Even half the 'science' from forensic TV shows are BS if someone bothers to compare it with the real thing. But for someone aware that they are watching an entertainment show with 'semi-facts' that only just sounds reasonable to be acceptable its no loss. Hmm, am I getting off topic?
    Yes. It’s a real life comparison of ES21. Semi-realistic primetime forensic science shows have little if anything to do with this. Forensic science shows still depict realism. What makes it unrealistic is the frequency of said realism and the way they dramatize them. They are still realistic. ES21 as a whole is built of unrealistic exaggerations of real life aspects. It on the other hand is not realistic.

    Quote Originally Posted by Weimario-kun View Post
    Real life E21? Well how 'real' do you suggest he/she be? Accurate down to the family name? Or just as a loose title bestowed to the current fastest running back? In the end does it really matter exactly who has the title as long as he has the speed to back it up? And the 4.2 second 40yard dash? Well, as long as it remains just a scale of the calibre between althletes.
    The fact is he is not real. However, the mangaka needed to get his idea from somewhere.

    Quote Originally Posted by Weimario-kun View Post
    To dispute the facts within the an entertainment piece just ruins things.
    Please. Its people that think aspects of sports manga like ES21 are facts and completely real that ruin the validity and reputation of real life sports. Accepting “facts” just because they are facts ruins more than just entertainment. Fantasy is fantasy, real is real. If you think questioning the "facts" is wrong, then go live in a dogmatic religion for the rest of your life.

    Take a tip from Colbert.
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