i reckon S.T. should have some korean manga coz some of them are surpriseingly good! i have a few mangas that i dont mind uploading for people to read but i dont have a scanner
mangas and manhwa i got:
King of hell:volume 1-9
Rurouni kenshin:volume 1-17
XXXholic:volume 1-6
sayuki:volume 1-5
dearS:volume 1-5
getbackers:volume 1-5
demon diary:volume 1-2
suikodenIII:volume 1-2
legal drug:volume 1-3
ai yori aioshi:volume 1-8
Kare kano:volume 1-8
ragnarok:volume 1-3
X-clamp1999:volume 1-2
.hack//legend of the twilight braclet:volume 1-3
darker desendant:volume 1-5
angel's santuray:volume 1-5
help me, help stoptazmo! shareing is careing!