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Thread: action mangas

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    i have read bleach alrady and i was impresed. i just finsihed reading zombie hunter vol-1 . now that is what i am talking about. great action lots of gore, and nudity, all of that with great art and an exeptional story line. if any one has any thing like zombie hunter then please tell me where i can get it. and the name of the series.
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    Well since Zombie Hunter is what you like I suggest you try Island by the same author. It's pretty good, a rich woman goes to teach on an island, which seems infested by demons. She get's inadverantly saved from a demon by a magic using psychopath, and manages to convince him to help her destroy them all for money. No clue where to download it, but you cam read it here on the taskbar on left at bottom.

    I also highly recommend Blade of the Immortal, a brilliantly drawn highly gory brutal samurai manga. About an immortal sammurai helping a girl get revenge against the samurai school that destroyed her dojo, killed her father, and raped and killed her mother. You can find a site to dl it elsewhere on sight, or just read it (with full size images so its convenient) at Atu-Boti

    Other manga that you might like:
    Hajime no Ippo - A boxing manga but with lots of very interesting characters, epic fights, and humor. The arts not so realistic but its very clean and improves with time. (Other places on forums give link)

    Houshin Engi - A sort of Romance of the Three Kingdoms settings, about a magic user sent to deal with a evil power magic user queen whoes manipulating the king. Lots of smart fighting using tactics to win, more mature then bleaches/one piece but of same vein. Not very violent or brutal but good action.

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventures: Good art, very muscled looking characters (weirdly too many muscled characters) Lots of violence fighting and techniques. The second series has alot of smart fighting in it, where victory comes from using strategy. Overall a very solid series, I recommend starting at JoJo pt 2 because that generations much higher quality on. Each part is a different generation or member of the Jojo Family.,series for first two parts,
    Part 3 - 6

    Hellsing - Uber vampire, England at war vrs a surviving squad of Nazi Vampires, watch Alucard reveal how he is invincible over and over again. Great art, very moody and dark tone, interesting world, lots of violence. Pretty good, makes up for uber main character with weaker side characters that can die. Also at Atu-Boti.

    You also might like Tenjo Tenje, great art lot of violence and lots of nudity. Also boring characters with no personality, a plot that basically nothing, and dull dialogue. Very popular though, and fulfill the testosterone needs. You can try it at Atu-Boti too.

    That should keep you happy for quite a while.

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    Also Rurouni Kenshin is a good recommendation.

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    - Zombie Hunter (You already said you read it so Im just stating for others as my recommendation)

    - Battle Royale (Very good action/gore and whatnot + realistic storyline)

    - Other sites with good action manga... Tooooooo many things to list, look at stuff here after finding others recommendations >>

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    If you say action, i gotta go One Piece on you..
    if you say comedy, One Piece..
    let's just say .. read One Piece if you want to be satisfied.

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    Bleach - shinigamis are way too cool and quincys too
    Blame - cyberpunk and pistols that blow entire cities are just amazing
    Gantz - anatomically correct drawing are cool
    Berserk - blood gore. +8!
    Hellsing - Anime is good so is manga!
    Dorohedoro - is quiet unknown but is worth it
    Blade of the immortal - Yojimbo + 100 weapons + immortality!
    AKIRA - akira!



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