I'm hoping this is the right forum but if not, I'll be happy to move but I need some hlep find these doujin.

I remember reading a Descendants of Darkness doujin one time in which Hisoka was turned into a girl. I don't remember what-so-ever what the name of the doujin was nor what site it was hosted on. Can anyone help me in finding this doujin? ^^;

Also, there was another doujin I read a while ago that had something to do with a vampire raping some random boy O.o.....yeah. Anyways, I remember this manga was American and that it was only hosted on a website and hadn't been made into an actual manga yet. (Or at least it wasn't when I read it.) And I remember when the vampire first came, he was a little bat and he was pretty cute. (As the bat. I don't remember what he looked like when he changed into human form.)

I just remembered something more about the vampire one! If I'm not mistaken, you had to download the chapters to read them! That may not seem like much, but every little bit counts, ne?