Someone heard of this? I'm looking everywhere and had no luck at all.

Description from AnimeNfo:
Kurogane Nagi is a sword scholarship student of Tenchi Academy. However, she can't go to school because she is undergoing rehabilitation. Therefore, her twin little sister, Hayate, disguises herself as Nagi to go to the school. In the school, the scholarship student must fight against other scholarship students to win higher ranks. But because Hayate's only interest is how to pretend to be Nagi, she isnít interested in the fights.

However, she knows that their asylum is 8 million yen in debt, and they are harassed by the collectors. She resolves her mind to take part in the fight. The participant gets 50 thousand yen if he wins a bout, and he gets 1 million yen if he goes to the next rank.

Because the participant must have his partner, Hayate asks Mudo Ayana to be her partner. Ayana is a good swordsman, but she doesn't take part in the fighting somehow. First Ayana thinks Hayate annoying, but in order to face her ex-partner whom Ayana injured during the fighting, she cooperate Hayate.

Please, if someone knows or have this, send a copy, i wanted to take a look.
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