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    Default I'm in dire need of a shounen series/manga

    Seeing as how this is my first post on these boards I thought I'd start off with a short introduction. I came across this site a little bit over a year ago and have never stopped coming back. Stoptazmo has provided me with a plethora of different mangas to download from and I am truly greatful for that...

    I'll end the introduction there before this became anymore tedious.

    Time for me to get down to business... As the title suggests I need help with finding a good shounen/action manga. To my knowledge I've read everything out there and am now stuck.

    To give you guys an idea of what I consider to be a good shounen manga/anime i'll list my top 10 favorites.
    1.Flame of Recca(manga)
    2.Hajime No Ippo(both)
    3.Hunter X Hunter(both)
    7.One piece(both)
    8.Naruto(bot...err..was both untill the crap filler arc)
    9.Black Cat(manga)
    10.FMA(prefer manga)

    Just to let you guys know I'm not ignorant about anime genres outside of fighting and super powers. I enjoy lots of other mangas such as Eyeshield 21,Battle Royale, and Death Note. I usually welcome all types of anime suggestions but to remain true to the topic title I would prefer if a good action series was recommended. I've tried searching everywhere with no success, making you guys my last hope. It would be shame if I really did see everything worth watching in that action genre.

    Well, I'm betting I already bored a bunch of you guys with my post to I'll end my rant there. Thanks in advance everyone.

    I just wanted to add this bit of info...I have seen and read a crapload of anime and that is why it is so hard for me to find something good. Everything that has been shown on televsion in the states and released in shounen jump has been seen and or read by me. So in response to the first person that responded to my message, thanks for the input but unfortunately everything you listed I've already seen.

    To make things easier I would have to list everything I've seen but the list would be too long and annoying to type out.

    So please keep in mind that if it is a popular shounen title such as Rurouni Kenshin or Shaman King then I probably already saw it.

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    heres a few of my favorites that you didn't list:

    Shaman King
    Prince of Tennis
    Rurouni Kenshin
    Hikaru no Go

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    well, all i can think of at the moment for action is trigun....most of my favorites are on your list. but you've probably already read trigun too. and i'd suggest mar too but since you've read flame of recca, you've probably read mar.

    if anime's ok (cause i dont think there's much manga scanlated, unless i'm missing a lot), i'd recomend full metal panic.

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    In the land of Mordor, where the shadows lie.


    pr l 08.04.2006

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    GTO, Slam Dunk, Mahou Sensei Negima, Firefighter Company M, Initial D, Busou Renkin, B.Reaction, Tenjou Tenge n Jojo Bizzare Adventures

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    Battle Angel Alita, Battle Angel Alita Last Order, Hellsing, GTO, tenjho tenge, eden




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