OK, I know, with a title like that, its just gotta be a manga aimed mainly at girls. But its okay, I'm not batting for the other side, instead I'm making this request on the behalf of my 15 year old step sister.

NEways, the reason she wants it, is 'cos she read the first volume in the local library. (Cliche alert) Its about a geneticaly enginered super spy who is trying to stop some evil master mind from taking over the world, she is sent to a presteigious high school where she is tasked to spy on the son of said master mind, but ends up liking teenage life and falling in love with said son of said master mind.

Don't be suprised if you can't find scanalations, its not japanese. In fact its an american manga (manga style comic written in america), I just wanted to know if anyone had or knew where I could get scans of it.