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    Default Links for ANIME Download Sites (3-23-04)

    Thanks to TechKnight for pointing this list out to me.

    ALL CREDIT FOR THIS LIST GOES TO Kankomi of Demonfox/AnimeOtaku Forums!

    Please post if a site is down or if you have new links

    Tip: Press Ctrl(Strg)+F to search for a certain Anime, so you don't have to search by yourself

    Tracker that lists by recent releases whereas I just list the pages.
    Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu
    Mini-animesuki - many many many hosted bittorrents
    a lot of anime, asian movies and jpop mp3 Anime Supreme

    Multiple anime Boxtorrents

    Complete Series Download Anime

    All anime Download Anime 2

    Host of Download Anime with more files AnimeSuki

    All unliscensed subbed anime

    Direct Download:
    Lots of Downloads (look in here for further informations) -have to download with anti-Leech and you have to register
    This Site as a lot of Anime but you have to download through anti-leech and have to vote to get to the media section
    Grenadier 01, Negima Episode 1, My-Hime 1-14, Naruto, Bleach 1- 13, Beck 1- 4, Monster 1-5 31&32, Beet 1-7 | good speed (need to register, visit i upluad there )
    Various Anime , i think you must register and write a certain numbner of posts to gain acces to the Download section
    A lot of Anime, but you have to sign up to download
    Bleach, DBZ, FMA, Hellsing, Naruto, Outlaw Star, Yu Yu Hakusho (for other media you have to pay)
    Bleach, FMA, Gungrave, Hellsing, Samurai7, Trigun and some Anime Movies
    they host every week an other Anime, if you want to download the other Anime Series you have to pay (you have to register to download)
    A lot of Anime, better check yourself, but you have to download it per Anti-Leech , BUT the Downlaod speed goes for me up to 260kb/s so i think its worth downloading netpumper or the plugin
    Fullmetal Alchemist, Iria: Zeiram the Animation, Love Hina, Mobile Fighter G Gundam, Mobile Suit Gundam: 08th MS Team, Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory has anime titles to dl via ftp, one dl at a time, file size looks smaller than the original fansub (?) and might be a little slow.
    Various Anime -don't work for anyone
    Bleach :sleep:
    New releases Hikaru No Go
    Complete Hikaru No Go (in English, Spanish, French, Polish and German) Naruto Kun
    Naruto Naruto Chaos
    Naruto Slope Anime
    Yu Yu Hakusho, Outlaw Star, low filesize Aftermath
    Really low file size, FLCL Anime Otaku
    Latest Releases

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    Well, that's good, but there are invalid things in that list. For example, you cannot get Naruto from anymore, Bleachworld is dead, and is no more, etc.

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    Haha, ok, let me go thru and test all the stuff first then (= (I didn't use the list, just found it). Then ill brb and edit.

    EDIT: How's that Jyuu?

    BTW people, if you have links to your own or a friends or just one not up here, feel free to post em, keep in mind tho, THIS thread is a anime link thread and the OTHER is a manga link thread, dont mix em!

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    Default, and are dead now.

    Can you turn this into a sticky and get it updated periodically? It's really helpful to get some popular series.

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    “The believer is happy. The doubter is wise.”


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    LOOK! at this link: they have a lots of anime and manga to dl. and (one dl. at day, and you have to register)




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