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    I think I'm lost...

    Default any recommendations

    wish i could spell... oh well.
    anyone know of a manga thats just as good as rurouni k? (<my favorite) that isn't bleach or black cat...
    any ideas?

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    hunter x hunter -->typical shounen abt a boy striving to be a hunter
    prince of tennis --->a boy genius managed to get into the sch team at first year then battle for championships.

    But u probably heard of it

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    Default hi

    well i dont knoe wat kind u want but u can try..
    peacemaker...i liked it plus the guys are hot!!
    tenjou tenge...its about fighting
    chrono crusade...its really cute
    full metal panic or scrapped princess and if u still dont find one then tell me ok!

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    hmm if you like rurouni kenshin of course you wanna consider reading vagabond too.

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    humm well u could try

    Summary: When Naruto was born the spirit of a evil nine-tailed fox was imprisoned within him, rendering him the hate of the villagers in the ninja-village of the Leaf who feared the demon in him. Countering this hate he grew into the role of the clown, trying to attract attention by making a fool of himself and his teachers. But within him dwells the dream of becoming Hokage, the strongest warrior of the village. When he graduates from the academy he’s placed in the same group as Sakura, the technician and the girl he loves and Sasuke, the strong, quiet guy and his rival for Sakura. Leader and teacher of the group are Kakashi, the strange and always late, though powerful ninja.

    One Piece
    Summary:Luffy tries to gather a pirate crew to become a pirate king. They seek the legendary treasure "Onepiece"

    Flame of Recca
    Summary: Recca is a ninja. At least in his own mind. When he one day meets and saves the young girl Yanagi he pledges to be her ninja, defending her with his life. She shows him that she has the power of healing and in return he shows her his secret power of creating fire with his hands. But soon evil powers start reaching for them. Some wanting Recca’s ability to use fire and others wanting eternal life through experiments with Yanagi’s body, something that Recca and his friends definitely can’t allow.

    Project ARMS <----never read it but some ppl says it is good
    Summary: Ryo Takatsuki injured his right arm in an accident years ago. The resulting surgery brought about some unexpected, but not entirely unwelcome changes -- enhanced healing along with the presence of a superweapon dubbed "ARMS" in his body. But with all power comes a price, and with newfound allies who share his predicament, he must battle a secret organization trying to control the ARMS while trying to find the truth behind the weapon in his body for himself...

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    try berserk very bloody manga
    or vinland saga




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