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    Default Request: MIDNIGHT PANTHER Manga (English), by Yu Asagiri

    Hey there StopTazmo friends!

    I was just wondering if anyone has any idea where to find english scans of the MIDNIGHT PANTHER manga by Yu Asagiri.

    It's my favorite manga of all time, but I haven't had any luck finding digital copies of the manga (the anime is pretty easy to find on eMule, IRC, and Torrents, but the manga has been darn near impossible).

    If anyone could help me with any leads at all, it would be greatly appreciated!

    There's also a few other misc. series I am looking for before I am completely done (or so I hope ) with my english manga searching. Forever. (I will never bug you for anything again, I promise ) These are secondary to my quest for midnight panther manga, but any leads with these would help me out infinitely!:

    -Bakuretsu Hunters
    -Silbuster, The Collected
    -Harlem Beat (Basketball manga)
    -Street Fighter 2 (by Masaomi Kanzaki, 8 part comic series)
    -Flag Fighters (by Masaomi Kanzaki)

    Please, help this old dog with his last quest before retirement.

    Thank you very much StopTazmo community, you're the ones who make this place great!!!


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    Wow. Emphasis on OLD. Hrm.

    I know #lurk on irchighway has Harlem Beat...

    I'm fairly sure the rest of those were licensed before anyone started scanlating and were never picked up )=>

    Could be wrong. Anyone else help this man out?

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    Hey there Tomodachi_James!

    I actually have a few of those series in hard copies, but I need to find someone to help rip them for me (so that I can share them with everyone)

    I have some Midnight Panther, Harlem Beat, and Silbuster GNs (in addition to several other hard copy mangas that I would like to donate to be ripped and shared)

    Do you know of any good ripping groups that I can donate these hard copy mangas too?

    If one of the members or moderators can help, please, please, PLEASE let me know!

    Hope I can help give back to the manga community and hope I can help this guy out!

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    it's not "ripping"... you just scan them... i could help you touch them up and make them fairly high quality (as i am looking for Harlem Beat too)




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