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    Lightbulb Got a Recommended Manga for me?

    Hello. I am starting to get into reading Manga and I have finished all available to Hayate the Combat Butler and I actually liked it. But I have a hard time finding another Manga out there that I would like so if you got any suggestion please tell me. I am into Fantasy and Mystery type Manga but any will do those are just the strongly things I am into. You do not need to tell me where I can find the manga all I need to know is the name and I will be able to locate it.

    If you recommend the following I am aware of those type already.

    * Bleach
    * Naruto
    * One piece
    * Full Metal Alchemist
    * Death Note
    * Dragon Ball/Z/GT

    I would like to hear anything you may have as a good manga. I am willing to check out anything.

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    Kekkaishi is the best series of that type I know of that you haven't listed. You may also be interested in Mx0 (that's a zero on the end) but be warned the ending is rushed as it got canned on chapter 99.

    If you're willing to stray into the girl's side of the house, there's also From Far Away (aka Kanata Kara), Basara, and for post-apocalyptic fun 7 Seeds. (It's a damn shame more shoujo/josei fantasy adventures don't get translated, as the ones that do are really good.)
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    Fantasy / Mystery

    Cage of Eden - A plane carrying a bunch of middle-school students on holiday crashes down on an unknown, uncharted island. A prehistoric monster attacks them and scatters the survivors. Now, the various groups of students have to learn how to survive on this mysterious island and find a way to get off it. Think Lost meets Lord of the Flies.

    Psyren - Yoshina Ageha gets chosen by a mysterious individual to be one of a small group of people that repeatedly get sent to a game world called Psyren, where great devastation has occured. Together with the others, he must work together to survive the challenges posed by Psyren, and also find out who the mysterious person is and why they keep getting sent.


    Mahou Sensei Negima - Negi Springfield is a 10-year-old genius mage who gets posted to teach English at a Japanese middle school for girls as part of his final test before graduation from magic academy. After a bunch of magical mishaps involving a lot of ecchi, the series slowly moves away from romantic harem comedy into fantasy action/adventure as Negi enlists the partnership of his students to help him find his long-lost father and a cure for his home villagers who have been turned to stone.

    Noblesse (Korean Manhwa) - A mysterious man with vampire-like powers wakes up after centuries of sleep to find that the world has changed around him. Struggling to find his way around modern Seoul, he eventually meets up with his old servant Frankenstein, who now is a high school principal. However, when some of the school's students become the target for genetically-modified monster-humans, he gets drawn into the secret world of the Noblesse once again - a world he thought he had left behind.

    Fairy Tail - Lucy is a newbie mage who wants to join the best magic guild on the continent - Fairy Tail. When she bumps into Natsu Dragneel, known as the Salamander, he introduces her to the guild and becomes her partner. Together, they go on various guild missions to earn money for living expenses, and make friends among the other members of the guild.

    Flame of Recca - Recca is a high school boy with an obsession about being a ninja, and who has one singular talent - he can summon flame with his fingers. When he meets and saves his schoolmate Yanagi from harassment, he decides that she will be the princess to his ninja, and swears loyalty to her. However, distant forces are beginning to move to target both Recca and Yanagi for their own purposes, and soon Recca and his friends are drawn into a hidden world of underground fights with magic objects.

    Kekaishi is good too.


    Liar Game - In order to pay her mother's hospital fees, Nao gets involved in a rather dangerous activity known as the Liar Game. Participants compete in various games to lie, cheat and otherwise con each other out of money, and the winner walks away with a ton of cash while the losers have to deal with a crushing amount of debt to the company. However, with the help of Akiyama Shinichi, a genius ex-conman, Nao sets about to find a way to break the Liar Game, and set people free from it.

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    Wink Fantaxy and myxteriex huh. .


    *MELAch0ly 0f haruhi suzumiya;
    *hitman reb0rn

    0w i 4g0t d 0thrx! i'll c0me bck if i rmembr
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