note: for new noobs... help yall find some stuff..

Been awile..last time i posted on this site.. i was living in guess what... im in korea... so

If youre not up on..

Id..not as new
Ubel Blatt..korean?...think so
ares.. kinda old news
ZERO...which just ended...(lamely..aha sorry) but was a pretty cool read right up until gona find that editor n strangle him....jk... ..but if i really ran into him....idk well just have to see..aha

btw they are all fighting/action/magic mangas.. um mangwas or w/e

The One..wait thats like taiwan w/e its good shoujo..the only one im reading should take a look

others..(non korean)
Holyland ..street fighting a story

... soccer

... electric baby who attaches himself(butt naked) to a thug... and powers him cream other thugs.... happens to be the devil junior

....manga writing a story

Vinland Saga
.... think ares but better art..and on this north western europe.. vikings n war.. n pillaging... n killing

Sidooh n style like vagabond.. story aint that level tho

.... think naruto but instead of ninjas ..well there are some nin like.. well jst read it..magic..action

Psyren.... more of the same action magic fighting.. u should know what i like by now

Gamaran.... more fighting... no magic... yet

most of shounen jump stuff.. aha

defense devil, captain tsubasa(um..all of em), cross game, code breaker, area no kishi, hajime no ippo, new shaman king flowers thing looks intresting, zetman, rozario vampire, etc

hope this helps... somebody