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    Default Help Me Identify This Manga, Please?

    I don't remember when I read this but at the time there weren't a ton of chapters out but at least 15-25 from what I can remember.

    If you can't tell already I'm about to be really vague and hope some other otaku on here recognizes what I'm talking about and can give me a title. The manga was awesome as shit and I'm hoping more chapters are out now.

    It started off with I guess a captain or man of rank and his 2nd in command. Long story short the captain dies and gives his 2nd I guess a last request/order to raise his daughter for him. It kind of skips ahead a bit (there is a lot of sub plot and behind the scenes conspiracy I'm leaving out. There was some sort of genocide going on.) The 2nd, the guy protecting the daughter was apparently a well known bad the fuck ass kind of wrestler and this was all in a rural type setting of swords and shields and shit. So there cover gets blown and the 2nd finds out that the murder of his captain was just the beginning of all this conspiracy shit and now he wants to get to the bottom of it but needs to stash the girl. (They were living little house on the prairie style til this moment)

    He brings her to this brutal ass camp that treats kids like shit. I can't remember if he was raised there or a chick he knew was raised there. They basically train 2 types of people there and treat them all as slaves/property. They treat the girl no different but I don't think they consider her property. In this place no one really helps anyone. You fuck up, break a bone, too weak to eat/get food you die. Like I said, they train 2 types of people, fat sumo dudes who stick to one half of the camp and more nimble strong fast wrestler fighting types. The girl is like the only girl in the camp and everyone is shaved bald. She and another starving boy sneak into the fat peoples side and blah blah blah get caught, almost die, almost rape, whatever. The other half the camp saves her in a fight but before shit gets too serious everything is put to a stop.

    There's also conspiracy shit I left out with the "2nd" who travels around a town and meets old friends and starts up his story arc but it's more complicated and I can barely remember it.

    If this sounds familiar to any of you please let me know. Any additional information could spark my memory. If you know the title, then even better.

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    Shit, this shit sounds like some terrible ass shit.




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