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    Smile Can anyone suggest a series, movie, and/or manga to me, please?

    I just finished watching Berserk for my first time and I was left breathless (and also crying like a baby)! When it comes to anime I tend to like more serious shows. I see myself being drawn towards the dark and dramatic genres. I really enjoyed Berserk and I know I am not going to find something just like it but I'm hoping I can find something similar. I also enjoyed the Rurouni Kenshin OAVs and Elfen Lied. If anyone can give me some suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated. I love anything that leaves me feeling strong emotions in the end. =)

    Thank you!

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    hmm berserk the anime was kinda boring compared to the manga. and the story goes further.
    i suggest you read the manga^^

    well for other movie/manga recommendation with a dark dramatic theme i suggest

    blade of the immortal (fantasy manga)
    blame (postapo manga)
    battle royal (either manga or novel)
    eden (postapo manga)
    freesia (i dont know how to descipe this manga)
    A Revolutionist in the Afternoon (manga)
    uncivilized planet (drama postapo manga)
    homunculus (psycologial manga)
    bitter virgin (dark drama manga)
    20th cenutury boys (mystery manga)
    shamo (prison story and more manga)
    vagabond (history swordsman manga)
    ai-ren (drama manga)
    strain (manga)
    hotel & present (oneshot manga)
    voices of a distant star (drama scifi anime)
    mouryou no hako (mystery anime)
    seriel experiments lain (brainfuck, it kinda creeps me out anime)
    kara no kyoukai (mystery anime)
    shigofumi (mystery anime)

    For other drama animes i suggest all anime from Shinkai

    And i suggest Baccano the anime or the novels to you. it's partly a dark drama and party comedy. you'll understand what i mean when you see it. its one of the best anime ever.

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    Claymore as medival fantasy anime. revenge story (prefer the manga)
    Ergo Proxy fantasy science fiction. odd jouerney story
    Innocent Venus is science fiction, it has a little much cliche, but I think itīs still fitting for your request. mecha fights
    Witch Hunter Robin, fantasy, present time. mystery series
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    Texhnolyze -The most depressing anime I've ever seen. The only that could possibly top it is Grave of The Fireflies, from what I've heard

    Speed Grapher - Fire pillar

    Gilgamesh - Another end of humanity show. this one is actally pretty good

    Now and Then, Here and There - armies of children *shudder*
    Tokko - its an okay series. You minght like it though

    Paranoia Agent - stuff happens. Just watch it

    Perfect Blue - if you've ever taken bad drugs it might be reminiscent

    Neon Genesis Evangelion - The daddy of mind screws

    Boogiepop Phantom - there's an anime, some light novels and some manga. All together they make a rock solid series.

    Revolutionary Girl Utena - shojo anime. so weird. there are bells everywhere and bizarre angles. It's hella cool.

    Flag - part war documentary, part drama

    Infinite Ryvius - often overlooked. you should watch it.

    Rideback - an oppressive regime wants to take over Japan

    Shion no Ou - Its about Shogi and girls playing shogi.




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