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    Default Need manga recommendations!!!

    Hey everyone!

    So I've reached a slump in finding good new manga to read and I could use some help ~_~. I'm looking for a good romance series. It can be any genre (shounen, shoujo, seinen, josei) just no yaoi or hentai please dead . I want the series to be more deep than cute. For example: lots of tragic situations, lots of drama, etc. Although a little cuteness is always a good thing =D. Also please don't recommend anything too supernatural (no vampires and stuff like that) although if the series has some supernatural elements that's fine. I would also prefer that the series have 5+ volumes, be finished and be completely scanlated.

    Just for reference, here are the series I've read which match what I'm looking for:
    Absolute Boyfriend
    Aishiteruze Baby
    Akuma de Sourou
    Baby Pop
    Bitter Virgin
    Cat Street
    Fruits Basket
    Gokinjo Monogatari
    Good Father
    Hot Gimmick
    Ichigo 100%
    Kare First Love
    Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou
    Marmalade Boy
    Paradise Kiss
    Midori No Hibi
    parfait tic
    pretty face
    salad days
    skip beat
    full moon wo sagashite
    video girl ai

    Please help me!!!

    Thanks ^_^

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    Let's see -- of my favorites that you haven't listed, there's:

    Kimi wa Pet
    Living Game
    Hot Blooded Woman
    Koi Kaze (warning: incest)
    Ichigo Channel
    Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou

    All of those have a romance where any comedy is downplayed, and all but the first have scans complete at five or more volumes -- and all but the last I can pair with something on your list as being like that. The last, I admit, is kinda a stretch, as the drama is also downplayed and despite the ending the romance is not the focus; nonetheless I recommend it because it's Really, Really Good.

    ETA: Oh, also try Parfait Tic -- scans are not complete, but go up to v17, and it's right up the alley of several of those.

    ETA2: If you like GTO, try Gokusen, the josei flip of the concept.
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    Open Sesame
    Toshiue no Hito (lots of ecchi, borders on hentai)
    also, I second reading Emma

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    I don't see Maison Ikkoku on your list, so go ahead and look at that. Despite the comedic antics, it also rates as one of the Top 5 romance manga on my list, and possibly the one with the best ending. College ronin living in a run-down apartment with noisy and weird neighbours falls in love with his new apartment manager - who just happens to be a young widow still in love with her recently-deceased husband. Completed and completely scanlated at 9 huge volumes.

    Second the recommendation for Touch. Best and most powerfully poignant love triangle I've seen among, well... pretty much all of your list. Twin brothers fall in love with their childhood girl friend. The elder is a talented but lazy slacker with no confidence in himself, while the younger is an earnest and upright hard-worker who realises that his elder brother could outstrip him at any time if he could only get motivated. Oh, and they care for each other deeply as brothers while competing for the same girl.

    Hmm... well, if you want deep, dramatic and tragic romances, a lot of Korean shoujo manhwa are good at that. Try Goong for starters. Set in a modern-day alternate universe where Korea is a constitutional monarchy like Great Britain. Average high-school girl gets forced into an arranged marriage with the Crown Prince of Korea... one day after she heard him propose to a schoolmate of hers and get rejected. Oh, and there's a lot of political schemers at the Palace, also... most of whom are looking for a new pawn with which to manipulate the Crown Prince. Scanlations are still ongoing, but it's over 110 chapters now.


    When I first saw your requirements, I immediately thought of Land of the Blindfolded (a.k.a. Mekakushi no Kuni), since it's exactly 5 volumes long with deep romance and completely scanlated, but the "not too supernatural" thing gave me a bit of a pause. Still, if you can handle Chobits and Full Moon wo Sagashite, this shouldn't be too far off. Girl who can see the future of anyone she touches meets boy who can see the past of anyone he touches. Their psychic powers draw them closer together in a world where everyone else is "normal" and can't see what they see.

    EDIT: Also, try Yume de Aetara. A kindhearted loser of a salaryman falls in love with beautiful kindergarten teacher who's terrified of and hates men.

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    Um, Land of the Blindfolded is 9 volumes long, at least in the official translation. Second the rec for that, too -- the psychic powers are not really the focus of the story, but more the premise that shapes the relationships.
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    Suzuka is a deffinite you have to read it

    Kimagure Orange Road has a little bit of supernatural but is still amazing as well

    then theres also Love Hina but thats alot lighter

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    I second - Love Hina.

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    please, i want to read this manga!!!!!


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    Adding to the lists of reconmendations: I suggest "Kaichou Wa Maid-sama"

    Good Times




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