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    Red face Looking for a manga

    A few years ago, i was into this manga which name i can't remember and i'd like to know if ya can't help look for it or remember its name. This are the things I remember of this manga

    1.- The history is focused on a high school boy who just crowned himself as the champ of a boxing league down in the Okinawa Islands. He then travels to Tokyo to enter a former High School and develope more his boxing skills
    2.- On Tokyo, he meets a girls who seems to know him, but he doesn't know her. She is being way to mean to him
    3.- The boys enters a High School were the female rate is 5 for every guy there. Hence the guys are mistreated by the girls for being minority over there. The Boy then decides to change that as he sees that unfair. Also, he works hard to open a Boxing club on that school were many male students end cuz there are no clubs that accepts men
    4.- The boy has a girlfriend on Okinawa, but seems that a relationship with the girls is formed
    5.- Later, on a trip he makes back to Okinawa along with some of his friends of high school we learn that he has some memories buried down his brain that were concealed cuz of a shocking succes. He mention the name of another guy which the girl know. We found out that this boy, the other guy and this girls were on the same elementary school class when they were kids but she denies it. Though se has a photo of that on her room
    6.- The girl is rich and has a little sister

    This are the details i can remember now, i have been looking for this manga for a couple of weeks now. Any info on were i can find it would be pretty much appreciated

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    This one?
    If yes then I wonder if its time for me to take it up where I left it since its quite slooooooooooooooooooooow paced.
    (wish that it would get fully translated since its completed at 20vols while translated up to v16.)
    (Lol its funny how open sesame has id #1 on baka-updates ^^.)
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    I'm pretty sure that's Open Sesame -- the only thing missing is the pet chicken. Except it's not Okinawa but some island closer to Tokyo, with regular ferry service that's only a long day-trip away -- I was assuming one of the Izu Islands or possibly the Ogasawara Islands (which oddly enough are technically part of Tokyo-as-prefecture, tho' not Tokyo-as-city).
    Today is always the most enjoyable day. Just ask Yotsuba.

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    Tears are flooding my office floor

    O man, thank you so much, waaaaaaaaaaaaa, no wonder i wasn't able to find it over there, its not listed in sports, even though Boxing has a strong focus on the story.

    Thanks so much, i knew someone around here would knew it!!!!!!

    Can the eyes run out of tears??? I might be close to fins that out!!!!




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