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    Default Completed manga reccomendation

    Erm, i am looking for a manga that is most importantly has been completed. Besides that, also very interesting, some humour and ecchi wont do any harm.
    Overall speaking a completed manga that is good!

    Any heads up?

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    Ranma 1/2? Definitely has humour and some perverted jokes there...

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    Ranma 1/2 certainly is funny and ecchi, but if you are into that Rumiko Takahashi humour, I would rather read Urusei Yatsura than Ranma 1/2.
    Others that are funny and or ecchi are
    -Gunsmith Cats
    -Caravan Kidd
    -You´re under Arrest
    -Saber Marionette J
    They all are, or were once, good
    As I have the printed version I don´t know if they are available in the net.
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    Heh... most of the above are available on the net, yes.

    Pretty Face tells the story of Randoh Musashi, high school karate champion and all-around delinquent, who gets into a traffic accident and undergoes plastic surgery while he's unconscious. Unfortunately, the slightly-crazy plastic surgeon based his reconstructed face on the picture he had in his wallet - the picture of the girl he has a silent crush on, Kunimi Rina! And upon waking up one year later, Randoh meets Rina on the street, and she mistakes him for her missing twin sister Yuna! So now, the former karate king is living in the same house as his crush, pretending to be her sister while desperately hunting for the real Yuna so that he can return to his own face and confess his love. (52 chapters, get it from the list above under "P")

    Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) is about former biker and delinquent Eikichi Onizuka, who now has grown up and decided he wants to become a high school teacher (primarily because he's still a virgin and lusting after high school girls). After a series of small incidents as a temporary teacher, he lands a job at a prestigious private high school, teaching the homeroom class from hell. Every member of his class is either weird, or out to destroy all teachers. One by one, he has to tackle the many problems that his students cause, as well as constantly avoid the principal's attempts to oust him from his position. (25 volumes, available here under "G", also available from Tokyopop)

    Midori Days (a.k.a Midori no Hibi) has mild humor and mild ecchi. From the author of Love Collage. Seiji Sawamura is the strongest fighter in the school, with the Devil's Right Hand. However, one day, he wakes up to find a girl called Midori has replaced his right hand entirely! To make things even weirder, it appears that Midori has always been in love with him, and now wants to stay with him forever. What's the reason behind Midori's sudden appearance? What's Seiji going to do now that his right hand has been replaced by a miniature human girl? And how long will this state of affairs last? (8 volumes, available here under "M", also available from Viz)

    Rough is the story of Yamato Keisuke, bronze medallist for freestyle swimming three years in a row, and Ninomiya Ami, a talented gymnast-turned-high-diver. The Yamato and Ninomiya families run rival confectionery stores, and have hated each other for two generations. So when Keisuke and Ami enter the same high school, sparks begin to fly almost immediately... but the two begin to see each other's good parts as well. As they each struggle in their respective competitive sports, what begins as a tentative friendship may in time deepen into something more. (12 volumes, completely scanlated, available here under "R")

    Plenty more of these, of course. Just do a search on Manga-Updates for Complete Romance/Comedy series.
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