Well, i would like to read/see more of those kind of stories.

About death and the reasons and circumstances that led to it. Both are quite tragic stories.

Shigofumi and Skyhigh are both compilations of short stories with no solid background storyline. Each story is one or two chapter/episodes long.
Well it's not necassary to recommend a manga/anime that follows this exact pattern but the topic should be somehow close to those 2.

if you havent seen/read those 2 i'll recommand them just in case and here's a small summary:

Shigofumi primarily centers around a young-looking girl named Fumika who works as a mail carrier to deliver "after death letters". These letters are written by people after they die and are delivered to the person the letter is addressed to in the living world. The letters contain things that the now-deceased could not say while they were alive, such as things they wanted to say before they died, or even to inform others about who killed them in the case of a murder.
All souls of those murdered arrive at the Gate of Grudges. Izuko, keeper of the Gate of Grudges presents each soul with three choices: pass through the Gate of Grudges to heaven and be reborn, refuse to admit death and remain as a ghost on earth, or haunt and kill one person and then proceed to hell and eternal suffering. What does each soul choose and why?