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    Sounds like you need stuff to cheer you up and laugh at.
    This is the right dosage of laughter.

    King of Hell
    Level E
    My name is Zushio
    Tende Freeze
    Skip Beat!
    Comartic High School

    If you want mangas with some deeper meaning and a more interesting read try.
    Yume de Aetara
    Kutosagi Corpse Delivery
    Angel Densetsu
    Eden - It's an Endless World
    Eternal Sabbath

    You can't go wrong with any of these, skimm through a couple chapters of each and you'll like it.

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    Oh I forgot Nausicaš, its always good to have "Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind" (there could be problems to get this as well...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by nroejb View Post
    Oh I forgot Nausicaä, its always good to have "Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind" (there could be problems to get this as well...)
    Shouldn't be. It's too awesome to be hard to find.

    I'll give a fair mention to some oddities that I like hereafter.

    If you like dark in a 1984 kind of way then you would have to check out National Quiz. A dystopian story about a television program that reigns Japan, basically. It's a bit more complicated, but you'll notice. It's only four volumes so nothing long, which might be a good thing for some considering the unusual art style.

    Hareluya II Boy on the other hand seems very typical at first, but one soon notices that the comedy has an extra edge to it. And it's cool, to boot. One of my favorite examples is that Hareluya Hibino, the invincible man and son of a mad violent priest, uses frying pans as projectiles in his war against the delinquency of japan that does not acknowledge him as the rightful ruler of the world. Well, I think you get the picture.

    Other big names that has popped up already but deserved a bit more flashy introductions, things that are usually called "must-reads" include: 20th Century Boys, Berserk, Monster, Vagabond and some others I personally am not very fond of.
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    thanks alot for the reccomendations, been looking through quite alot of magas, and many of them seem to bear potential to be really entertaining. Will keep on checking.


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