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    Question About Mahoromatic Manga

    I just finished watching this splendid anime and I have set my sights on the manga. Unfortunately, there are no stores in my town or maybe not in the whole country (Finland) that sell this manga. I really just want to read the ending 'cause the anime ending left my cold. So, please tell me where to download the manga volumes. Thanks in advance!

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    Nothing past Volume 4, chapter 17 has been scan according to Baka-Updates.

    Baka-Updates Manga - Mahoromatic

    What's scan can be downloaded from here, but you must register first and it's free.

    Mangatraders - Mahoromatic

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    Oh man, I know this is arguably necro-posting, but I just finished reading the first 17 chapters and was just captured by the manga...splendid.

    So, I wanted to ask if anybody knew the reason why this manga is no longer being scaned?

    Its really sad...its a great manga, I havent read any in a while, but this one really got me =P

    Now that we are at it, would anyone care to recommend a similar manga? I really want to read a nice love story with comedy (and a bit of nudity) thrown in for good measure.

    Thank you very much.

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    I think it got licensed. As for similar manga, there's a ton of them, going off in different directions along the love-comedy-combat spectrum. For a sampler of three ways it could go, I would suggest starting with Midori Days, DearS and Elfen Lied. Then you can either go for the more wacky love comedies like Hayate the Combat Butler, Ai Kora (a.k.a. Love Collage) and He Is My Master, or the more serious romances like Chobits, Mahoraba, Kagetora, I"s and Ichigo 100%, or the more ecchi combat ones like Sekirei, DNA^2, and Rappi Rangai.

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    This manga really flopped here... It shows how much small thinks can take influence on sales.
    As this manga had an unusual (bigger) size, it had to be put into a different shelf in the book/comic stores as the other mangas, resulting it to be ovelooked by customers.
    sad story, really.
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