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    Default Any suggestions?

    I've been reading lots of manga these days, because i've decided to read something else while i wait for new chapters to come out. It seems that the more manga i read the more i dig myself in huge hole of suspense. I wait for more and more chapters from even more series.
    So could any one suggest any GOOD long running manga series would be awesome.
    P.S I've either read or still reading:- Ah! my goddess, Rika, Gantz, Naruto, FMA, Death note, Mahou sensei negima, airgear, bleach, love hina and some i just cant remember. THX

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    Lightbulb One manga that I've failed to find since...

    That fits into this category, I hope, is ID eNTITY. I read the first couple and it's about 3 kids who play a video game, like WoW but with ninjas and samurai and such, and are amazing at it. It was really amusing and I haven't been able to find the rest of the series anywhere. I think, if someone could find it, that it would be a great addition, especially to those of us who enjoy video games.

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    Hmm... if the suspense is what's killing you, would you prefer long-running finished series, instead of ongoing ones? Ah, I'll offer a mixture of both.

    Finished series

    Flame of Recca - Hanabishi Recca is the modern-day last descendant of the long-forgotten Hokage ninja, a group of ninja who could create and wield weapons that controlled the elements. Recca himself has the inborn power to summon and control flames from his hand. When he rescues his schoolmate Yanagi from thugs, he swears himself to her service as a ninja to his princess. However, Yanagi herself has a secret power - one that many evil forces are gathering to hunt down... and one that will pitch Recca, his friends, and the legacy of the Hokage into a desperate battle to protect her. (33 volumes, and one of the most well-concluded endings of any shounen action/adventure series I've seen)

    H2 - Kunimi Hiro and Tachibana Hideo were best friends and baseball teammates during their middle school years. However, when Hiro was given doctor's orders to stop pitching, he entered Senkawa High School, which had no baseball team, in order to forgot the sport he loved. In the meantime, Hideo entered Meiwa Daichi High School, a school reknowned for its baseball team, and soon became its star batter. When the doctor that diagnosed Hiro turns out to be a quack, Hiro sets out to build the Senkawa baseball team with the help of a lovable but klutzy girl Koga Haruka in order to meet Hideo on the Koshien Stadium field at the high school baseball finals. But to add further complication, Hiro still seems to have a crush on Hikari, his childhood friend who is currently Hideo's girlfriend. What will happen as these two best friends build up to challenge one another - in baseball, and in love? (34 volumes, and some very powerful drama both on and off the field)

    Ranma 1/2 - Ranma Saotome has a problem. Due to falling into a cursed spring, he now turns into a girl every time he's splashed with cold water, and turns back into a boy if he's splashed with warm water. To make it worse, he's also been officially engaged to Akane Tendou, the third daughter of the Tendou school of martial arts, a very feisty and strong girl. Ranma is extremely proud, competitive, and no slouch at martial arts himself. When these two fiery personalities collide, in addition to a whole host of other characters falling in love with one or the other of them, a merry chase of martial arts and gender-bender comedy ensues. (38 volumes, stories told in short story arcs rather than one long-ranging plot. Similar to Ah My Goddess in that respect.)

    Ongoing Series

    Hajime no Ippo - Makunouichi Ippo is a shy, picked-upon high school boy, who one day encounters a boxing star that rescues him. Wanting to become strong, he decides to take up the sport of boxing, and turns up at the Kamogawa Gym where he displays some unusual though untrained talent. With that small step, Ippo begins his boxing career - a long road which might one day lead him to the world championships. (81 volumes so far, and the end is still far off... though the journey has been an exciting and eventful one)

    One Piece - Monkey D. Luffy has a dream - to find the legendary treasure known as the One Piece and become the Pirate King. He also has extraordinary power - because of eating the "Gomu Gomu" devil fruit, his body can be stretched and manipulated like rubber. With that, he sets off on his adventure to assemble a crew of the best to find the One Piece and fighting off fellow pirates, the Marines, and even the world government along the way. (450+ chapters and counting...)

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    read suzuka and kimagure orange road. those two along with love hina are my three favorite!!




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