i'm currently looking for the RAW version of these manga

Beauty Pop
yes this one i being scanted by Dragon Voice Project & Enchantment Scans
which is written in mangaupdates as i have read the scanlated chapter from 1 - 14, and i'm currently looking for Raw from chapter 1 - the latest , it can be jap or chinese if there is one

which is being scanlated by Saigo no Shou from chapter 1 - 2 as i'm also looking for a jap or chinese ones XD

Kage Kara Mamoru
AnimeCouncil is scanlating them from 1 - 5, as i've already watched the anime and i'm lookig for the raw of these manga, it can be chinese one if is around,

if you have any info please do leave a link or post the info here XD, Thank you in Advance XD