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    Default Butsu Zone volume download?

    Im looking for butsu zone in volumes to download. If anybody could help me it would be greatly appreciated.

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    butsu zone is not Busou Renkin is it? i got that

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    gummyworms, no, but they aren't without something in common. I believe Takei helped Watsuki with one character design in Busou Renkin.

    Also, he is my word of wisdom. ANY Butsu Zone scanlation you find on the internet (besides my version, sort of), come from the French version of the manga. This is a problem, because the translations are HORRIBLY wrong. I mean, they completely change many lines of text from the Japanese version. They completely change chapter titles. The French version even goes as far to make up words and use them in context. I think the biggest one they used is something like "Buddhaque." That's no where even close to a real word. So, if you do find scanlations, be warned, it's wrong, and no where equal to representing Takei's true meaning is. You can be doing a dis-service to yourself.

    Mankin-Trad will be scanlating Butsu Zone, once we get the time and resources. The biggest set back is the lack of Japanese Volume RAWs for Volumes 1 & 2. The second set back is the lack of knowledge in Japanese (via a translator). BadS did some checking for the translations in my early releases, but those were still based off the French version, and many of the errors made in the French version were corrected. So, of anybody can speed this project up by providing one or both of these resources, that would be very helpful! Until then, I say wait, and read Jumbor.
    Know Chinese or Japanese? Want to help with Shaman King, Jyuki Ningen Jumbor, or Butsu Zone translations?
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    Evil Empire has it. As usual, ten posts.

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    I still don't understand why VOLUMES are necessary. It's three damn volumes; just wait until server problems are fixed, or use #lurk. >_>




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