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    Quote Originally Posted by RedBeaveR View Post
    umm can we have City Hunter updated??

    No, you inexcusable idiot.

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    Highschool of the Dead god damn it!

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    beck is about this guy called koyuki and he wants to be a rockstar or some such and he's got a friend who knows some famous rockstar and his friend is also good with the guitar and koyuki learns how to play the guitar. Then they make a band and the band found out more or less by accident that koyuki has a good voice. Its quite good, although i think i might've gotten a few things wrong since its been a while since i read it

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolerimmortal View Post
    You all knew this was coming.


    It's the greatest fucking manga. Ever.

    It's about a swordsman named Guts kicking serious ass.

    Go read that shit.
    Haha yes!

    Brilliant review. Wicked how it finally made it here. Nice choice, captains

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    I agree on Host Club. Another one I'd recommebd if you like shoujo is Honey and Clover. The story sucks, but it has the the best side-character ever.

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    Hotman - A slice-of-life story set in modern day Japan, about a family of 5 half-siblings bound together by a common mother and led by the eldest brother, Furiya Enzo. As they go through life's struggles, joys, hopes and sorrows together, they grow closer and truly be there for each other as a family. A heartwarming tale.

    (Artwork is like GTO, mood and feeling is similar to Adachi's stuff, crossed with Salad Days.)

    Manga Genre Focus: Romance, Comedy, Slice-of-life. Primarily shounen, then seinen and shoujo.
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    Historys Strongest Disciple Kenicihi...

    Shirahama Kenichi is weak, friendless, and pretty much an all-round loser, even getting bullied by his fellow members of the karate club at school. One day, on his way to school, he accidentally gets beaten up by a girl who is transfering as his classmate. Despite their somewhat unpleasant first encounter, they quickly become friends. Upon noticing his good nature and character, she refers Kenichi to a dojo where she is sure he can get stronger as he wishes... If he survives. What kind of adventures await Kenichi as he struggles to become stronger in this dojo full of bizarre Martial Arts Masters?

    if you dont like it something is wrong with your brain.

    I'd like to die with the songs I love stuck in my head. I hope to make the most of these hollow bones we become.
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    After only a volume of Hotman, I heartily second Dizz's recommendation. And am sucking down the rest as fast as the servers will let me.

    Hot Shot - I mention this only because Manga-Updates doesn't have it. There's only two chapters, but so far, the story's kinda like a cross between Break Shot and Spiral. No, really -- it's like one of the Blade Children is playing pool. If either of those appeal, you may want to take a peak.
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    Earlier chapters of Beck, Berserk, Angel Santuary, High School of the Dead, and...

    Battle Royale!

    I'm actually surprised this is back. Wasn't it taken down awhile back?

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    I haven't read it yet but on Baka-Updates it said this about Change Guy:

    Take Kang Too Jee, one of the best fighters in the Gi Sang Area, Woo Soo Choi, a geek who loves studying and has great concentration and perserverance, and mix them up together with a really GREEDY scientists who runs people over and then uses their bodies in a twisted body switching experiment(and dumps their body in a random area after the experiment) and what do you get? Change Guy!

    Woo Soo Choi is now in the body of Kang Too Jee... which is no problem for him until Kang Too Jee's reputation and old grudges catch up to him and he gets into all sorts of fights. Will he manage to get through high school without being trashed all the time and preserve Kang Too Jee's reputation? What would fight loving, battle hungry, Kang Too Jee do in Woo Soo Choi's extremely frail body!? Will they EVER get changed back to their original bodies?

    Yeah I copied and pasted it...I noticed that this manga has like over 300 chapters...


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