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    Default [REQUEST] Manga's

    1- Sensei No Ojikan ( RAW/ if not available the rest of the scans would be fine XD )

    2-negima? ( RAW )

    3-Matantei Loki Ragnarok ( RAW )

    4-Kaito Kid ( RAW )

    5-Fate Stay Night ( RAW )

    6-Ragnarok (Scans -Translated & RAW- )

    at ragnarok, and at most of them, well i also searched alot
    and found some that doesn't work or someone said in that narutofan scammers has them but not worth looking, i searched and found in other threds here about lurks, well sadly i'll be staying in a place for 2 years where irc is impossible and more or less Direct Download is the only way, also i really want to buy the manga but for where i am it's really not possible for me to get my hands on it, i played ragnarok and found it interesting, i decided to watch the anime and then after the anime i wantd to read the manga when i found out about it, its been a week and i haven't found a single page or a single chapter, for anyone who would upload the manga for me using stuff like bandago or something hoping not rapid share or megaupload XP, there are also some links that are found on my search in stoptazmo, but most of them either doesn't work for me where the page turn white and even if i refresh and stuff doesnt work or tcp error, or the site bring my PC to shut down for some reason and the other one was the 404 error, [the ragnarok i'm looking for is the one with the ragnarok online]
    oh yes i also did the magical G-O-O-G-L-E but i only found the ragnaro with dark ones which is not the one i'm looking for, i also tried yahoo and askjeeves but to no avail, for those people who have leads or would kindly upload them i would be greatly appriciate it.

    at matantei loki ragnarok, i would like it to be RAW's as much as possible that is v01 + well i know there is a translated version of it is here, so if v01,02 RAW or if you have anything over v02 that are RAW would be greatly appriciated and if you don't have any link available for RAW a translated would be alright i guess

    at fate stay night, if possible please let it be a RAW same for negima? (the one with then new negima manga if possible i would like for it to be raw, as for kaito kid ( the one with detective conan but i'm looking for the story of kaito kid in RAW ) i hope anyone here has a link for RAW

    advance thank you for those who kindly give me some leads and information on where to get them, thank you ^^
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