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    Default Request: (need help getting the name) :)

    Well I started reading a manga about a year ago, and I was thinking I wanted to pick it up again...but then it hit me, I coulden't remember the name of the manga (oh no!)
    So here is a short description on the manga:
    In the first chapters if I remember correctly he tells one of his classmates(?) about this wounderfull world that his dreaming about when his asleep, and one day I think it was in school he gets draged into that world (can't remember how tough) and there he meets a witch (of some sort) that tricks him into getting a magical item (she is some kind of collector if I remember it correctly) and its ha hammer(well, sort of) with a attached ball that speaks.
    Oh, and the magical items that the witch collects is used like some kind of weapons that summons diffrent monsters.

    If someone could help me remember the name of the manga it would be HIGHLY apreciated, and if you have links to the manga (and/or the anime if it exists) it would also help me, but if I just get the name I will be able to find the manga by myself to save you some time
    Thank you on before hand

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    Mars Awaken Romance. I'm sorry for letting you know, it is sub par later on.

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    Woha, that was fast, I didn't realy expect a reply untill tomorrow
    Well thank you, and don't be sorry for letting me know I asked for it so

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    Default Another Request Getting The Name ^^;

    If I could butt in, I'm also looking for the title of a particular manga that's been running for a long time. It's about a very efficient assassin whose origin is a big mystery. His name's a bit weird and I think he has no love interest throughout the series. There are also times when the assassin is shown only once or twice, with the 'victims' as the core focus of the story.

    Do help me figure out the title.

    EDIT: Finally stumbled upon it again--Golgo 13. I guess no one was able to help figure out the title since scanlations aren't(?) available for any of the 100+ volumes O.o
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