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    Default Mahou Sensei Negima Chapter 90-91

    I'm looking for those 2 chapters because the negima here doesn't have it. I'd appreciate it if you could give me a link to a site that has it~!

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    Atleast once a week we get someone asking about those chapters. Nobody's done them yet, so wait.

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    You can download the RaW if you want and grab the translation from Sushi-Y.

    Chapter 90:
    From the beginning, everyone looks at the chart and comments on it.
    "Ahaha, but this is incredible, this tournament list."
    "Half of them are people from to 3-A"
    Chizuru: "If's just these people, there's no telling who might get the 10 million-ne."
    Natsumi: "10 million?------"
    Asuna: "Setsuna san is it?---" (referring to the match up)
    Kufei: "Uuuuumu, I'm no match for Mana-aru-yo."
    Mana: "We won't know until we try and see."
    Negi: "Uuu... First round is with Takamichi..."
    Takamichi: "It'll be fun tomorrow, Negi kun." "Please go easy on me."
    Negi: "Mou... talking like that, I can't be your opponent, Takamichi!"
    Takamichi: "Hahaha, we won't know until we try and see."
    Yue: "From now on we'll be finishing up the first day, how about Tahahata sensei?"
    Takamichi: "oh, that's fine." (read: I'll come too)

    (though I say it's a summary... doesn't look like one so far does it... uuumu... well, this chapter isn't that complex, so I'll translate as much as I can.)

    "Day One of Mahora Festival around the World Tree is now diving into the Middle Night Festival!"
    "All student bodies please watch your own health, and be careful not to stay up too late or drink too much alchohol!!" (I love this school, Akamatsu)

    Anyways, everyone gathers at the coffee house to relax after a day's hard work, everyone goes up to Negi and thanks him for his help.

    "Thanks to Negi sensei's help, the ghost house on the first day was a big hit!"
    "See, look! It's the profit!"
    Negi: "Eh... Hai..." (didn't go)
    Twins: "Let's---- Drink---- Eat---- Sing-----"
    Yuuna: "Negi kun, teenage Dracula was great, it really grabbed a lot of customers!"
    Negi: "Ha... haa? Thanks..." (didn't do it)
    Misa: "Miniskirt Wind Fox (Female) was cute too! Negi kun! Cute enough to make me want to eat you up."
    Negi: EHHH----!? What IS that----" "I, I really did a costume like that?"
    Kamo: "Uh..."
    "Negi sensei..."

    Ayaka:"You gave me the BEST TIME today." "Thank you very much for your effort."
    Negi: "EH!? Ah... Hai."

    Makie: "Negi kuuuuuun" "Thanks for coming to the new gymnastics department today!" "Was I cute? Was my jump good?"
    Akira: "You even came to the takoyaki house in particular..."
    Negi: "Ha, haha- HAI!" (Kamo kun this is...)
    Kamo: (U, un.)

    Kufei: "Negi bouzu, thanks for today. It turned out to be a pretty good martial arts display."
    Negi: "Eh."
    Chizuru: "Thanks for coming to the Astrology club too."
    Negi: "Ah."

    Chisame: "U, uh----... Excuse me, Negi sensei."
    Negi: "Ha hai, Chisame san."
    Chisame: "Today's thing.... That... You're not going to tell anyone right?"
    Negi: "HA HAI?"
    Chisame: (I'm telling you, don't say it, I'm serious!! You promised!!)
    Negi: "HA HAI---------------!"

    Negi: "But I don't remember any of this either way..."
    Kamo: "Ahh, this is definately..."
    "Iya, Negi kun." (Negi's eyes is beginning to settle into perma-solid-black now )

    Takamichi: "Not just the Martial Arts Tournament, you didn't forget to visit your students either." "That's really nicely done, Negi sensei is a reflection of a proper teacher."
    Kotarou: "And we had the patrol too, nice."
    Negi: (No... uh...) (I haven't visited any of them yet...)

    While everyone is now celebrating, Negi and Kamo discusses how this is the work of the time machine, Kotarou was then briefed about it too. Negi now has to make the 4th trip back becase there's still plenty to do. (Like all the things that people thanked him for, if he didn't go now, then they wouldn't have been done... uhhh... OK IT'S TIME TRAVEL) Kotarou decides to tag along too since he wants to look around some more too.

    (Mahora Festival Day 1 (4th time) AM 11:30)

    Kotarou: "Ooh, awsome!"
    Negi: "Ok, success."
    Kotarou: "It just suddenly became daytime! There's definately no magic like this--"

    Negi reflect's on how he's been so preoccupied with his own things because of the tournament, but now, he'll properly visit his students. Negi: *gloom* (I'll worry about the fight with Takamichi later...)

    First, Negi and Kotarou moved to the Horror House to help out, Makie and Yuuna gave Negi and Kotarou a costume to change into, which immediately attracted people.

    Yuuna: "The customers are increasing? Mostly females..." "I see, using him like this, the cuteness of children to broaden the appeal from females to seniors!"
    Misa: "Good work! Negi kun, Negi kun, change into this next---"
    Negi: "Ah Haaaai." "Huh...? what is that..."

    (PS: Negi) (I'd stick the picture here but it's already posted)
    Negi: "Kyaaaaaaa!? I knew it---!?"
    ("kya"? feminized already? )

    Negi: "What is THIS- Kakizaki san!"
    Misa: "What is, it's the Miniskirt Wind Fox Girl! It's ok--- It's ok--- It's cute----"

    Kotarou: "Gyahahaha what IS THAT Negi!? Buha, Bwahahaha, gr, gros... you look stupid---"
    Kotarou: *Gyahahaha, hehehehe, he...hehe, p..painful... stomach...* *twitch*
    Negi: "Wait a minute Kakizaki saaaaaaaan! Kotarou kun too don't laugh until you suffocate!---"

    Yuuna: "Iya, you made a mistake Kakizaki, that reduced the level of appeal of Negi sensei that took so long to build up."
    Misa: "Really? But I think that's ok."

    Ayaka: "Wait a minute, Yuuna san, Kakizaki san! What is this that you're making Negi sensei wear costumes to help out!?"
    Yuuna + Misa: "No, Negi kun said he wanted...."
    Ayaka:" There's no excuse! Negi sensei-"

    Negi: "Ah Incho san ♥ I'm saved." "Please do something----"

    Negi: "Ahh!? Incho san!"
    Ayaka: *flop flop flop* "I... is this... heaven?"
    Yuuna: "Incho is dead from blood loss--------!?"

    Negi then leaves to visit the others, Ayaka apologizes, and then offers to guide Negi for the visits. Kotarou taunts Ayaka for nosebleeding by seeing Negi in girl costume. (called her hentai)

    Ayaka: "Maa? What was that you wild little monkey!" "How many times to I have to tell you to speak polite language to older females!"
    Kotarou: "I don't follow orders, Ayaka nee-chan!"
    Negi: "Ah, that's right, they live in the same room." "You guys get along so well---"
    Kotarou: "it'z not vell----"
    Ayaka: "You mifundersfood, Negi sensei."

    Then we have the cloaked person make an appearance.

    Negi then asks Ayaka how the festival is going for her, she replies it's very busy for her since she's the class president, and communicating with the school, making sure nobody gets hurt...

    Ayaka: "It's really awful, awful." "I feel like the worst. I wish this would just end quickly..." (Like that'll happen)
    Negi: "Is... is that so?..." "Are you ok, Incho san?"
    Ayaka: "Ah, no, s, sorry, why am I complaining to Negi sensei about my own things. I'm embarassed"

    They then arrive at Kufei's place, where Negi performs for a little bit.

    Ayaka: "Maa, Negi sensei also does Kung Fu?"
    Kotarou: "What, you don't know? Ayaka nee-chan"
    Ayaka: "Now that you mention it, I seem to have heard something like that..."

    Kufei: "Umu, your Daihakyoku (a style of Hakyokuken) form is starting to look pretty good" "Don't slack off on trainings from here on either."
    Ayaka: "Ma----- s, somehow he looks really gallant... I didn't know"
    Kotarou: "Forms looking good have nothing to do with strengths."
    Ayaka: "Kotarou san, you're pushing me..."

    Ayaka is impressed and tells Negi that she dabbles with military arts too, Negi askes to be shown, and Ayaka shows off her horse-riding skills. (is this 武術 too?) (Kotarou: "Hmmu, you really went and did it, Ayaka nee-chan. You're not just a regular idiot?...")

    They then visit Asuna at the art gallery.

    Asuna: "Geh, Negi, why is even Incho with you?"
    Ayaka: "You're improving aren't you, Asuna san. Hohoho, compared to your doodlings in the old times."
    Asuna: "Shut up, Incho."
    Kotarou: "Haa--- Suprisingly well done."
    Negi: "Ah, that's right, this Asuna san is the Asuna san that doesn't know about the time machine yet."

    Then Yue at the Philosophy study session.

    "According to Heidegger, existence is not to be existing, in other words, to exist is to not exist, but..."
    Yue: "It can't be, that you actually came... Do you understand?"
    Negi: "Ki, Kinda...."
    Ayaka: "Hohoho, very clear." *sweat*
    Negi: (This Yue too is the Yue before having talked to me.) (Time machine is unbelievable.)

    Ayaka: "... Negi sensei, you look a little tired... Are you ok?"
    Negi: "Eh... yes, I'm fine, Incho san."

    Negi: (That's right, Incho san tonight at the finishing party said today was the best, but just now she said it's the worst--- After this, I wonder if there was anything I did to Incho san...)

    They then went around to visit the others.
    At Haruna's portrait exhibit.
    (Haruna: "Negi kun don't forget the appointment at 4." (Nodoka's date) Negi: "Ah, Hai.")
    At Akira's takoyaki stand.
    (Negi: "It's delicious." Akira: (He actually made sure to come.))
    At Konoka's forturn telling booth.
    (Konoka: "Your fortune reading is the worst" Kotarou: *gaaaaan*)

    Negi: "We went to a lot of places---! Everyone is working so hard--- I have to do my best too!"
    Ayaka: "Yes, really! I'm not in a position to complain either!" (Ahh, going around the school with Negi sensei... This is almost like a date...)
    (If this monkey san wasn't here...)
    Kotarou: "?"

    Negi: "Let's see, next..."
    Ayaka: "Ne, Negi sensei!? Are you ok?"
    Kotarou: "Ah, that Negi, that guy didn't get to sleep at all." "Did he hit his limit? He have been up for more than 24 hours." "always been actively moving..."
    Ayaka: "Th, this is horrible, anyways, Negi sensei, to this bench here..."
    Kotarou: "Ohhhhh yeah, I'm getting pretty sleepy too."
    Kamo: "Ahh, me too, this is the limit."

    Negi: "S, sorry, Incho san."
    Ayaka: "Eh..."
    Negi: "Incho san... said the school festival was awful, so I thought... maybe there's something I could do, but..." "I've only caused you... this kind of... trouble..."
    Ayaka: "Well... That's... Just the feeling alone..." *Heart: "Kyuuuun"*
    Negi: "I'm... so...rr..." *death, lol no*

    Ayaka: (Th, th, th, this is lap pillo... Negi sensei is asleep using my lap as a pillow-!? Wha, wha, wha...)
    Negi: "Hmmu... Onee... cha...n..."
    Ayaka: (School Festival... IS THE BEST--------♥ )

    *Negi wakes up*
    Negi: "S, sorry, Incho san!" "I fell asleep, I've really only caused you trouble... And there's still places left to visit too."
    Negi: "Eh? Somehow... You look really great, Incho san." (her face is reflective lol)
    Ayaka: "No, no, hohohoho." *SFX: glitter glitter*

    Ayaya: "Now, now, shall we go? I'll go anywhere with you." "Come on, Kotarou san too."
    Kotarou: "Unah?"
    Negi: "Th, thank you very much, Incho san!"

    (Sign reads: Mahora Festival *SECRET* Cosplay Contest)
    Chisame: "Hmmmm----"
    Ayaka: "Is there something at a place like this?"
    Negi: "Un... It should be around here somewhere." "Ah There!! Chisa... No, Chuu saaaan!!"
    Chisame: "Geh!? You guys-----!?"
    Chapter 91:
    Continuing from last chapter, Chisame is shocked at the appearance of Negi and others at the contest.

    Chisame: "Wh... wh... why is sensei here... even Incho too..."
    Chisame: "You! Come... here for a little bit!"
    Ayaka: "That was... Hasegawa san...? But, why here...?"
    Kotarou: "Hey, hey, Ayaka neechan," "what's a "Cosplay Contest"?"
    Ayaka: "I wonder...?" "But somehow, everyone seems pretty happy ♥"
    Kotarou: "That's true-"

    Chisame: "What is Negi sensei doing in this place? This is a rogue event that's not even listed in the official programme! Shouldn't normal students not know anything about this!?" (it said "guerrilla" instead of "rogue", but "guerrilla event" just didn't sound right.)
    Negi: "No, because Chisame san, didn't you write about it in your homepage? 'Am I not going to go out to the fans?' -is what you wrote confusingly."
    Chisame: "WHA!? How did you, i, it can't be..."
    Negi: "Hai, ever since *then, I had friends teach me computers and I've been checking "Chuu's Homepage" everyday!" (*see volume 2)
    Chisame: "GA......"
    Chisame: "You brat!! What are you doing sneakingly spying on other people's homepages at your pleasure-----!?"
    Negi: "Eh------- so that I can cheer my students on, I've been throughly reading it-----"
    Negi: "Your diaries are very fun to read too! my friend also praised you, saying 'even though the writing style seemed cute, it's an addicting read.'!"
    Chisame: "Wh.... wh, wh...."
    Chisame: (Damn it...!! The brat came with the mega tone-deafs, I was careless...)(speaking of which, this brat's been reading that diary of mine...!? Ev, everyday...!?")
    Negi: "Now then... You're entering aren't you? The contest ♥"
    Chisame: "EH.... N, no... I don't really..."

    Negi: "Look, it's starting-----"
    Chisame: "Wa, IDIOT, HEY!" (Why the heck is he this strong?)
    Makie: "Ah, heeeeeey Negi kuuuun ♥"
    Negi: "Eh? What's going on, Makie san?"
    Makie: "I saw you there earlier so I chased after you----- ♥"
    Ayaka: (The meddlers are increasing.)
    Makie: "This contest, seems like a beauty contest?"
    Negi: "Yes! Isn't that right?"
    Chisame: "Well..."
    Ayaka: "Is Hasegawa san entering too?"
    Chisame: "No, I'm..."
    Makie: "Chisame chan, you have done cosplaying before-ne------"
    Negi: "How about if you guys enter too, Incho san?"
    Ayaka: "If Negi sensei says so ♥"
    Makie: "Ah----- sounds interesting, sure, sure ♥"
    Makie: "Then, let's hurry into the Cosplay Contest-------♥"
    Ayaka: "Hohoho, I cannot lose in front of Negi sensei!"
    Chisame: "Hey! You two, don't just arbitrarily..."

    Negi:"Waaaaaaa, interesting------ "
    Chisame: "Hey wait a minute, uh.... Negi sensei."
    Negi: "What is it, Chisame san?"
    Chisame: "Please listen to me, I'm not going to enter."
    Negi: "Eh------------ Why?"
    Chisame: "Because, I have no plans to enter a trivial contest like this!"

    Negi: "But, that costume..."
    Chisame: "Th, this is just normal clothing! I've only came to observe today..."
    Ayaka: "We have done signing up------♥"
    Makie: "We signed up Chisame chan together with us too!-------"
    Chisame: (What kind of reckless thing they just did, these people!------)
    Chisame: "Hmm?"
    Negi: "Ah."
    Ayaka: "Hohoho" Makie: "Tada--♥ "
    Ayaka: "The costume lending house let us pick out the ones we liked."
    Negi: "It's cute! But, why nurse and gym cloths?"
    Chisame: (Chi... These two amateurs, just a simple cosplay? Aren't the ones they had on until just now better?)
    Chisame: (This event is a character cosplay event, isn't it!? There's no meaning in a shallow cosplay that only makes middle-aged men happy!! Cat ears on gym uniform isn't that bad... These Idiots!!)

    Ayaka: "Well then, we're off ♥"
    Chisame: "Wait a minute, you brats!" ("teme(ra)" is a pretty rude way to say "you (plural)" in Japanese, especially coming out of a girl, I felt like I should add something instead of just "you")
    Chisame: "Even if you go out like that, it's useless, useless! You'll only get embarassed! Come here, the two of you there!"
    "Ch, Chisame san?"
    Chisame: "An event is an event! It's useless if you don't go out without more content, no!?"
    "Haa.... Content?"
    Chisame: "Here! I'll lend you my cloths!"
    "Ah, oh dear, thank you."
    Chisame: "If you're entering, then aim for the prize! Because you brats are good materials!"

    *Mahou Shoujo Bibulion, I believe their first appearance is in chapter 62 *

    Ayaka: "Uh... That pose just now, is it ok if we don't do it?"
    Chisame: "That pose is very important!"
    Makie: "But it's really a little embarassing."
    Chisame: "How can you cosplay if you get embarassed!?"
    Kotarou: "Somewhat incredible costumes aren't they."
    Negi: "Bibulion really do exist--"

    (1/3 through only? And the long lines are only coming up... )

    Makie: "Then, we're off---- ♥"
    Ayaka: "Hohoho, thank you very much, Chisame san."
    Chisame: "Un un, ok ok, well they'll get the prize somehow."
    Chisame: (Ha... What am I doing...!? I ended up with an un-unnoticable "produce"!? Unconsciously, I came out with all these cosplay things... Won't it be bad if my hobbies were discovered----!?)
    Negi: "Waaaa, but, I'm suprised, the normally unwilling Chisame san actually helped out Incho san's group."
    Chisame: (Shut up!! It's because of you that I ended up lending to those two bakas!) (I knew it, this brat is my natural enemy!!!)
    Negi: "Chisame san, why aren't you entering? It's finally the cosplay realm that you're so good at too."
    Chisame: "I, I'm not going to enter something that I don't want to enter!"
    Negi: "But, like I thought, isn't that a little confusing?"
    Chisame: "You're persistant, Negi sensei!!"
    Negi: "But, but, Chisame san is finally all cute and pretty, it's going to be wasted-"
    Chisame: "You don't know anything do you, Negi sensei... Maybe it's true that Chuu is cute..."
    Chisame: "Just like that class president and Makie san, they're originally with beautiful skins and good looking faces, their styles are good too. Please don't mix me together with those Natural-Born, Beautiful-Cute people. Speaking raw material-wise, I'm very much a plain, regular female middle school student."

    Chisame: "I can see what the results will be if I enter. The principle is to not enter high risk matches. Please leave me alone."
    Negi: "Is---- that so----? But the photographs on the homepage is very cute though..."
    Chisame: (Those are photos that's been corrected to death!!)
    Chisame: "Anyways, why is sensei so concerned about me!?"
    Negi: "That's because I'm the sensei, I think it's not so weird to look after my students' activities."
    Negi: "Also, I'm... Chuu san's... how do I say this..."
    Negi: "I'm Chisame san's fan!" (Kamo: "Me too, me too") "And then I saw the location for the contest..."
    Chisame: "Wh... what?"
    Negi: "No, I'm really a fan! Once in a while, don't you also upload serious articles in the site news? They're unexpected to be from a middle school student, such high levels..."
    Chisame: (Even though you say that, aren't you only 10 years old too?)
    Chisame: (Bu, but, hehe---- this guy is one of my fans too?... whaaat... huhuhu, thaaaat's right, thaaaat's right ♥ )

    Negi: "Chisame san, you should enter after all!"
    Chisame: "EH!? No, I told you I'm not entering! 'cause I'll lose!"
    Negi: "You won't know anything unless you try and see!"
    Chisame: "Wa------!? Baka, Stop! Didn't I tell you the other day? I can't face people without my glasses on! I'll ge, ge, get nervous!"
    Negi: "If it's Chisame san it'll be fine!"
    Chisame: "And why the hell are you brats so strong anyways!?"
    "To protect the world's roots!"
    Ayaka: *Bibulio Red Rose ♥*
    Makie: *Bibulio Pink Tulip ♥*
    Ayaka: "The two of us together is ♥"
    Makie: "Mahou Shoujo ♥"

    Ayaka+Makie: "Bibulion! ♥"
    Announcer: "This is high quality! Number 13 Incho san, Number 14 Baka Pink san!"
    Negi: "Wa------ ♥"
    Kotarou: "Nicely done, Ayaka neechan doesn't seem embarassed at all."
    Chisame: (You don't know anyyyything, dumb brat, embarassment is to be seen embarassed while on the stage.)
    (Think of the random people around the world that has to translate your thoughts, Chisame! Think less! )
    Chisame: (Chi, but what's with those two!? Even though saying they'd be embarassed, didn't they just easily carried out my instructions perfectly!? They've got the victory!? Shit, they easily adapted to the public's territory... This is why I hate the people of 3-A, they're all idiots, yet they all have such high-specs... Really... Don't you have any shame? These two!!)
    Makie: "Waaaaaaai ♥ We were accepted ♥"
    Ayaka: "Somehow this cosplay thing is pretty fun too!"
    Chisame: (These two bitches!!) (No really, literal translation )
    Negi: "Then, next is Chisame san's turn."
    Chisame: "Uw!?"
    Negi: "No problem, if it's Chisame san, definately!!"
    Chisame: "N, no, wait, I ain't going out!" (What he's basing his "no problem" on, this brat, that's irresponsible!!)
    Ayaka: "What are you saying at this time? Come on, please change quickly!"
    Chisame: "Wh, what are you doing!? Don't focibly change someone's clothes! Ah, baka, that costume is a spare that's not completed yet..."
    Makie: "Come on, your turn is coming up!"
    (For the record, I think this is very cute)

    Announcer: "Number 18 Hasegawa Chisame san! Her character is from the enemy forces of Bibulion, 'Rouland Rouge'!"
    Chisame: (Don't sign up with my real name! Baka Pink!!)
    Chisame: "U.....? U.... Uh... That...." (Hau...)

    ".....!! Ah... U... I... I..." (The "glasses-on-off split personality" type isn't new, but they always get to me, then mix it with Akamatsu's brand of moe... m(_ _)m)
    Chisame: "So... Sorr... I'm so....rry..."
    Chisame: (It's useless, my face is definately completely red, as I thought, I can't come out in front of peoples----)
    Chisame: (Gu.... This is baaad, Oi! Attract the audience! B, but, I don't remember any of the character's lines, this is bad, bad, many of Chuu's fans are supposed to be watching too.)
    Negi: "Chisame san..."
    Chisame: (What do I do? what do I do? I have to do s, s, something. Ugugu, when I did it in front of the monitor in my room, I got tension in those too, so why am I like this in front of peoples?... If they find out that the real Chuu is a pathetic person like this... Ugu... This is all that brat's fault, that brat is impossible, unreasonable, shit, crap, I'm going to kill that brat.)
    Chisame: ( He's the worst-----) "I... I'm... so...rry........"
    Chisame: "Eh?"

    *Crowd: "Moe---- Moe---- Kawaii---- Chuu--- Chuu---"*
    Chisame: "Eh? Huh?"
    Announcer: "Wonderful! Number 18! While playing the role of the enemy personnel, you also represented the shy crybaby no-good character too!"
    Announcer: "The audiences are also VERY SATISIFIED by this-----------!!"
    Chisame: (Ah... That's right... This kind also works... That's to say, the basics... I see, this way, am I accepted? Hu... Primarily, it hit the audiences' needs right on the spot... Hu..huhu..)
    Announcer: "The winner is unanimously---- Number 18, Hasegawa Chisame san!!"
    Chisame: (It really is me-----!!)
    Negi+Ayaka+Makie: "Congratulations, Chisame san!"
    Chisame: "Yes, thanks to sensei, thanks to sensei's unreasonable, violent moves to get me on the stage!!"
    Negi: "Hau... S, sorry!"

    Chisame: "But, oh well. For now, I'll say my gratitude. Though the school festival was always just boring, thanks to sensei's help, I even got the award..."
    Negi: "Ah... Hai!"
    Chisame: "Huh..." (Oh well, for the moment this brat seems to be my fan too, I should be nicer to fans...)
    Kotarou: "Huh? Negi, what's this? This string?"
    Negi: "Eh? It's here too."
    Negi: "What is this?"
    Chisame: "Un?"
    Chisame: "Ah, baka, stop it, you brats! That line is the costume's..."

    Chisame: "A..."
    Negi+Kotarou: "Ah..."
    Announcer: "OOOOH Could this be additional big service!? The sub-rise (two-piece) present from the winner to all the patrons who attended!?"
    Chisame: "Kyaaa---- Don't shoot! The camera recorder there!"
    Negi: "Abubububu, I'm s, sorryyyyyyy!"
    Makie: "Negi kuuuuuun ♥"
    Ayaka: "Somewhat nicely done, Makie san."
    Negi: "Well then, we'll walk around for a little bit then head to the finishing party."
    Ayaka: "Ok♥ Negi sensei."

    Negi: "Iya---- A lot of stuff happened didn't it----- First day of school festival."
    Kotarou: "Hehehe, it was fun."
    Chisame: "Please don't tell anyone about today's thing! Unfinished costume becoming untied and then falling off in front of the entire gallery was a huge embarassment! Also, don't say anything about me being the net idol either!"
    Negi: "uuuu..."
    Negi: "I failed in the end didn't I..."
    Kamo: "Oh well, oh well."
    Negi: "Even so, we're pretty exhausted and worn-out, aren't we."
    Kamo: "It'd be a good idea to get some proper rest before the tournament, want to head to Eva's resort?"
    Kotarou: "What's that, resort?"
    Kamo: "Oh well, anyways."
    Kamo: "Now then, finally all of Day One's appointment has been COMPLETED!!"
    Kotarou: "Oh yeah---- Finishing party----"
    Negi: "Yeah!"
    Kamo: "Before we depart, please be pay attention to not bump into yourselves-----" (referring to the other timelines still slaving away)

    I think I translated all the lines, probably has mistakes, spelling errors, etc. but spare me. Oh, and it IS tomorrow now. By the way, Akamatsu is taking time off next week, so no Negima for 2 weeks.


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    ah sorry ><




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