A while ago I downloaded an AMV which was very good, but due to an computer crash it was lost and I don't remember the name, I hope if I try to describe the AMV someone will be able to tell me the name of it.
And I have searched for it at animemusicvideos.org but since I don't remember the name its kind of hard to find it.

Its in the Funny category, the video itself is plain, and when I mean plain I mean it, nothing ever EVER really happens in the video, the fun part about it is the dialogue that the creator of the AMV is having with his friend whom he is showing this video to.

An part of it which I clearly remmber is when he shows the same scen multiple times but each time adds something, an Cartoon Network logo, subs, and something else which I've forgotten.
I also remember an train scene where an girl is looking outside the window at telephonelines, you see this telephone lines for over 20 seconds without anything happening, just, telephonelines passing by.

If you do know the name if this AMV please tell me, I've searched for this franticly but in vain.