If you haven't noticed, but the series Tsubasa: RESERvoir Chronicle, the chapters go from 106,107,108,124,126 and so forth. My first thought was,
'ZOMG! WTF?!' xD <I actually said that too! xD
Anywho, I'd like to know where I can get the missing chaps. I thought that stoptazmo would eventually fill them in the next month or so, but it was like they never existed. I think that stoptazmo just added random chapters, even if they weren't in order.

Oh well.

Email me, or Pm me if you know where I can get them, or you can write it here, but I'm playing Ragnorok (Don't EVEN ask why -.-) and I don't really go on stoptazmo forums anymore.

P.S - If you tell me, I'll tell you the jackpot for manga chappies as a thank you. =3 It takes some work though, and my awsome asian guiding skills to know how to use it though.