Well, I began reading it and I must say that it gets quite interesting with the passage of time. The first time I picked it up, I literally cursed myself for downloading it.. seeing as the artwork looked rubbish. Besides, I could hardly figure out what the hell was going on. What with a few planes in the air apparently having a dog fight and people cursing incomprehensible instructions (for a layman) over the radio. Then I got bored after giving Kareshi a go and decided to give this manga more than a glance. Flipped through a few pages and it got better. A lot like Ares. Though not as awesome, I would say. Its your own opinion. Anyway, the summary is here, if you guys are interested.

Now, what I am looking for is the manga beyond Volumes 1 & 2. Does anyone know if there are existing scanalations beyond these 2 pieces? I don't even mind if its e-donkey and I have to spend hours setting it up. So please, if anyone knows of existing translations beyond these 2 volumes, please let me know. =D

Ps - I know that there is the Anime version available in mininova. But no manga. ;_;