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    Default YYH dub/sub torrent question

    Ok YYH has probably one of of the best [English] dubs which some say are even better then the original.

    Now I'd like to finish the series and since I watched the dub a la Toonami, I'd finally like to finish it. Additionally, I'd like to find the anime subbed.

    Now I've found several groups that have released YYH of both dub and sub

    Baka Anime (B-A) has released dvd rips in mkv format
    AHQ has them in ogm format with a ssa (for audio i think?) file for each ep
    Anime-MX (a-mx) has it in ogm format with no other files in the torrent...
    Anime Supreme has the series in ogm format as well but I'm not sure if its dual audio

    can anyone help? which group's release is actually dual audio and in temrs of quality, size, and translation what can you recommend?

    isohunt has most of these up but maybe theres other places...

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    You're having a laugh about it being a good dub, right? Boton's voice actor keeps trying to do an english accent -badly- and keeps slipping back to an american one, and I'm sure no one actually sounds like Kuwabara. He's astoundingly ugly, that doesn't mean he has to have one of the worst voices in the history of voice acting.
    That's just the start of a rant I'm not going to finish here.

    As for what you want to know about, Anime-Supreme say on the torrents section of their site that it's dual-audio, but I don't know if they're describing the DVD they ripped it from or the actual file. Even if it is, there're 4 batches, and there's over 100 episodes, so it'd take awhile.
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    I rather liked Chuck Huber in the role of Hiei. But IMO, the title of Best English Dub probably goes to Cowboy Bebop.

    I have the Anime-Supreme rips, and they are indeed ogm dual-audio with subtitles. I watch them in Media Player Classic, and I seem to recall I had to download a video codec to get the subtitles to work. Sorry I can't be of more help, but I do suggest the Anime-Supreme rips.
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