Yes, this is a request, and I feel ashamed. =P

Okay, a while ago I downloaded various episodes of the Inuyasha anime off Kazaa (a while = years) and there were some particularly good fansubs by a couple of groups... well, I found a bunch of episodes on Ani-Kraze and deleted all my old ones... basically, they're not the same quality.

BUT... the group who did those amazing subs is disbanded. Animeforever doesn't have them, it seems, and Fangirl Friday no longer exists at all.

So I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can get fansubs of Inuyasha by Animeforever and Fangirl Friday. I can use IRC, torrents, or direct downloads, but preferably not youtube.

Also, note that I'm not asking for any episodes of the series - just by this one particular group.

Please and thank you. ^_^