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I like how your brain works. your brain sounds tasty =P

I've read a doujin where Conan and Ai never found a cure and they just grew up normally and they did end up together... ah if only it could happen. the only problem now would be Ran. Now this is where the BO enters. If only they could kill Ran
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as cruel as it may be, ran dying sounds wonderfulll. if only that would really happen.
You guys are so cruel... I mean those who wanted to "kill" Ran...... I feel so heart-broken just by reading your posts .... ... Oh, but don't get the wrong idea please guys, because like you, I like Aii too because she's really brainy and cute... although it may sound like I'm an outcast for I'm for ConanxRan... ... EHEHEHE.... But back to the topic, ohh, Aoyama-sensei... Pleaseohpleaseohplease..... don't kill Ran for her sake. She's definitely a kindred heart.. Yep, no doubt about that. And , I agree with Tribal-san, there certainly was a time when Ran really saved Ai which had made Ai back down a bit... let's see, I believe it's a spesial movie, no?

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Ai definately likes conan but since the time Ran saved her she seems to have backed down.