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    Default Detective terms, tricks, and definitions

    It may be my first topic on the forum, but please humor me for a while~ ^_~

    After first Reading Detective Conan, I began to notice the term "Rigor mortis" used quite often to describe the various corpses found in the series. I found that most of the translators in the beginning of the series are most likely British (for instance, the "u" in "color"; the word "tic" instead of "habit"; and the other various spelling variations such as "explotion" that weren't misspellings.) (Please correct me if I'm wrong, my knowledge of European countries is not as great as it should be. I live in America, so what can one expect?), and so instead of the word "Autopsy" I found the term "post-mortem", which I later find out means "after death".

    Curious (and being a young person), I looked up "Rigor Mortis" in the Wikipedia. It is actually one of the five signs of death, along with Pallor Mortis, Algor Mortis, Livor Mortis, and Decomposition. Rigor Mortis being the stiffness (rigidity) of death, and occurring approximately "3-4 hours after clinical death in mild temperatures" (Wikipedia).

    In many cases in Detective Conan, Rigor Mortis is used by the murderer to confuse the detective, and to create a plausible alibi. I have only read up to volume 16 in this series so far, but already various examples, such as the case of a rich bachelor detective fan "driving" a car off a cliff into the ocean (through the stiffening and softening of the corpse), and the woman that was killed soon after playing ping-pong (the body hardens quicker if the victim has been exercising before killed, as the muscles will be taut [after contracting] already instead of relaxed.)

    You may not have found this interesting, but if you have any more information you'd like to share relating to the series (or not), you should definitely post it here! ^_^ I didn't only look that article up, I looked the others up as well, but, if I spent all my time talking about that, I doubt anyone would want to talk to me... Ever again. xD

    Ciao~! Dewa mata, ne?

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    Well this manga all about deaths anyways so expect signs of deaths like rigor mortis to be mentioned frequently.....

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    Yeah, get used to it.

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    Yes, i have perceived as well...

    Mainly in the case of woman killed after play ping-pong, actually i did have no idea what was happening, haha, but your explanation kill my doubts, thank you!




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