Hi there! I have just read the manga, watched the anime and all three movies and loved it! I loved the characters and the plot twists. I have to say this is one of my favourite anime/manga ever.

Anyways I have lot's of questions below and it would be really intresting too say what people think! Btw there are lot's of spoilers below!!!

I watched the anime first then I watched the live action movies. And I really enjoyed Ken'ichii's portrayal of L. Before I watched it I did no think that anyone could pull L off but I was pleasantly suprised. But I think the ending of the movie was much better than the manga. How they kept it between L vs Light/Kira. I really did not like Near. Mello was ok but maybe it's because I wanted L to win and not want him too die.
What did you guys think of the ending between the manga and the movies?

2) Did Near and Mellow like L they seemed to resent him. I have got Death Note how to read 13 and it says Near made L (the finger puppet) ugly as he saw him this way.... Why???? I have read Death Note: Another Note and Mello met L do you think Near ever met him?

3) Talking of Death Note Another note, L says he never met BB then how the hell did BB copy L so perfectly and I still feel they are related in some way as they looked so alike.

4) Who do you believe was the most clever? Light, Near, Mello or L. I believe L was the most clever I know he died but he did now that Light was Kira.

5) In Death Note how to read 13 it says L learnt capoeria because he has got himself into some dangerous situations so this means L is not an armchair detective as we where led to believe.

Right here comes out the fangirl lol.

A lot of people are fans of L x Light which I am not as I think it is sick. But do you think L has EVER had a girlfriend? I mean I know he is SUPER clever but he still has feeling and desires lol. Do you think he was telling the truth what he said to Misa that he fancied her and that he could fall for her? What do you think is Ls type?

Light does not seem to see women as equals just tools. I do feel Light is a bit sexist does anyone else?

Lastly there are A LOT of websites that claim L is a pervert....WHY????

Anyways hope I do get some replies as I would love to see your guys thoughts!! Like I said am new to Death Note and hope I have not rabbled on too much lol