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    Default Immunity for Light

    Ever imagined Light having immunity??

    Well it was said in the early chapters that once your name has been written in the Death Note, it can not be changed nor can it be modified.

    So I was thinking what if Light wrote himself in the notebook (to die about when he's already 150 years old or something) then wouldn't that give him immunity?? That would mean that Ryuk won't even have the power to kill him. Considering how smart Light is, he could have just acted dead when Ryuk wrote him and he would continue on with his ways afterwards. <this is actually stupid because Ryuk can see him anytime he wants XD>

    But the main point is, won't Light have immunity??

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    Pretty sure there was a rule that said you can control the actions of someone for two weeks before the time of death written on the death note. So...if i'm remembering that wouldnt work, if he wrote that he'd probably just have a heart attack right there and die.

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    well its a good idéa if there ever is a DN 2 where Light becomes a Death God (And finds a way to become human again and revive real L ;p )

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    it's true that once a name is written down, nothing can change the fact that the person will die...which does mean that up until then, nothing will kill the person. unless of course whatever's written is impossible, then they die straight away.

    but the thing is, there's a maximum of 22 or 23 days for the note's effect. that means that if light were to ever write in his own name, the longest he'd be able to keep himself alive (and be "immune") is for those 22 days. he can't keep himself alive till 150. that's what L did in the movie; he made himself immune to the note by writing his name in first, giving himself a bit more time. but he still died.

    anyway, light would never write in his own name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by circus View Post
    well its a good idéa if there ever is a DN 2 where Light becomes a Death God (And finds a way to become human again and revive real L ;p )
    Why should Light revive L?




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