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    Default Good in Everyone

    They say that there is good in everyone no matter how evil they appear to be. Do you think this is the case for Raito? At first, he had good intentions and wanted to cleanse the world of evil, but then he became corrupted. At that point, it was obvious that he only wanted to take over the world. Still, do you agree with the saying that there is good in everyone, including Raito, no matter what? It seems pretty hard to follow that belief after seeing Raito in action.
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    I do think there is good in everyone, because his ideals and goals never really faltered. They just changed.

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    But just as important is the fact that there is evil in everyone. That's how one person (in this case Light) can have the potential to be a kind normal person and an insane evil monster. That is the complexity of the human phsyche.

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    Yeah, that is true that there is good in everyone, but don't forget that which person have good quality , he have also evil habits. i don't know much but i think it is true and everyone know it..and what you think guys?

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    "Good" and "Evil" are attributes of actions, not people. To specify further, an action is "good" if it causes a net increase of utility, and "evil" if it causes a net decrease. Also note that the concepts of "good" and "evil" are not equivalent to the terms "moral" and "immoral" in this case.

    "Moral" and "immoral" on the other hand, are attributes of people. We can say that a person is "moral" or "immoral", but the qualifications are a bit different. To simplify a bit, a person is "moral" if he acts in such a way that he can reasonably expect that his actions will cause a net increase in utility. In other words, you're moral if you can objectively conclude that your actions are "good".

    Now, as we've gotten the definitions in place, we can apply this to Death Note, and Raito in particular. First we must determine whether his actions were "good". First the positive. He obviously did reduce crime, which is undoubtedly a good thing. He also had the stated intent to do good, i.e. eliminate crime from the world.

    However, what he didn't do was to think of the long-term consequences of his plan. It is obvious that he could only achieve his goal by instituting an atmosphere of terror in the general populace. He obviously thought that this was an acceptable exchange for a crime-free world, however, this is where he was wrong.

    In a society ruled by fear and unseen, arbitrary justice it is obvious that people would be gripped by a feeling that is best described as a religious terror. Everyone, everywhere would constantly be on the edge, knowing that the executioner's blade is constantly hovering above their necks if they step out of line. As we can see, this is exacty what happened, complete with cults and all dedicated to Kira. Now, crime may be a terrible social problem, but it should be obvious that the existance of crime still is better than an unknown entity that is judge, jury and executioner in one, dispensing arbitrary justice.

    Therefore, even discounting Raito's god complex (because that abviously makes him immoral anyway), we still can't conclude that he was anything else than immoral from the get-go.

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    Light's plan to rid the world of criminals was good but the main flaw was what will happen after he dies of old age? Does he think that none of is successors will become corrupt and use the death note for their own selfish reasons.

    If Light was evil or not is debatable. He had a good goal but he was too obsessed trying to be God that he became evil. In the end he only cared about himself, he did not care about his family anymore.

    So yes Light was mostly evil in the end.

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    Default Rock around the clock

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    I think that there is good in Light, but his ego got the better of him, and started thinking he could be the one who decided what was good and evil.




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