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    Well, the Battle Royale book is available in English. Borders should have it, and it's on Amazon. Viz did the translation a few years's an awesome book. One of my all-time favorites, actually.

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    The battle Royale will go up there with my all time favorite manga/movies.
    stumbled across the movie, bought it later on, and have read the manga from friends collections and my own, brilliant work it is.
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    Sorry that i brought this old thread up again it is cos i have something to ask and say also i havent made any post long time again.

    I just watched Death Note Last Name. Now here i am going to ask some questions and want someone to anwser me too. Please Watch Death Note Last Name again if you didnt remember the movie.

    Please DO NOT Read Ahead if you havent watch Death Note Last Name movie Cos It Contain SPOILERS!!!

    First Question is that I found out and I believe that this Death Note Last Name movie has some serious Error and Mistake.
    In the Movie L said he switched the Death Note from Misa after she dig it out and replaced with the Fake Death Note. He also Fake the crime people death to Misa to get her believe they has died. The movie ending is sort of like Near Arc but just L only no Near and Mello.

    So now my question How CAN Light See a Shingami Ryuuk When he touched the Fake Death Note that Misa had right after L fake his Death?
    It is like WTF L has already replaced the Death Note that Misa holding on to. So When Light get it back from Misa then He just Saw a Shingami Ryuuk WTF?!? Isnt you suppose to See a Shingami if you have REAL Death Note not by Fake Death Note cos i believe it wont work like that?

    Next Question Misa already has Shingami eyes deals from Ryuuk before. So now Misa should already see crime people lifespan and She will know whether or not that Her Death Note is Fake because those people Lifespan didnt disappear?

    Now the Last Question I dont understand it at all. Does a person suppose to dies in 40 sec if death is not written and if death is written then person should dies in 6min 40sec and Will that 20 day later death work that L has used?

    So Can anyone Please tell if i am wrong and correct me and If i am right then L should have already lose and that mean that the movie is even stupid.

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