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    Cooler's idea is awesome!! I love that idea.
    I totally agree that Raito's actions in the end is completely different from him. I can't realize my smart and calm Raito in that chapter. Such a stupid ending. It ruined my favourite character and also the whole manga. I always regret reading the ending of DN. I wish it ended after L's death.

    Near is a BRAT!!! Damn him! He will never be able to become L's successor!

    If there is someone to become L's successor, it can only be Raito, just as L had said before. Because they are on the same level. But now they all died. Supid ending again!!!

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    Light was an egomaniac. There were unneeded risks involved with allowing L to figure out he was kira before dying, but he did so to boost his ego. I'd state some details about what could have gone wrong, but unfortunately my pc blew up 3 weeks ago (yeah, the capacitors on my motherboard actually blew up, frying everything in the process) and I don't have a backup copy of the manga. The flashy end at the warehouse rather thn a safer plan to kill those involved silently was just another chance to feed his ego. As for him going nuts after his warehouse plan went awry, have you ever seen what happens to someone obsessed with control, who has been in control for years and suddenly loses control? In many cases, it causes a psychological backlash, that can manifest itself in different ways. Sure it was a lame end, but the breakdown was quite realistic.

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    meh the sad thing about all anime/manga is evil always loses =.=
    just flicking through the pages, im convinced that Near did kill Light, even though Ryuk wrote in the death note, isnt it kinda quick, i dont think Light would just let those 40 seconds pass, without resistance.

    i dont belive Near killed Misa though, without a memory of what happened, she is left with nothing, she has no family and her boyfriend just died, she has no friends and even though shes a celebrity she never really gave a crap about that, whats more the one who killed her boyfreind was the person she respected the most.

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    coolerimmortal, thank you for pointing out that theory. now i have a lot more reason to hate near. he was still not at par with L, although he solved the Kira case. but if he really used the deathnote himself and used it against Light, then he sort of "cheated" the investigation

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    Writing only Mikami's name in the DN would definitely spell Light's doom. There was no need to write Light's name in it as well.
    I think the theory has 70% of being correct,
    knowing Near's personality,
    + Near did not try to catch Kira for justice or for L. He just wanted subject Kira to humiliation.
    + Mikami's extremely meticulous nature
    + the situation (a life-or-death battle in which everyone tried to hold onto his life),

    L says he's a detective simply because it's his hobby. A case is like a game in his mind. L might've thought, "Wow, this Kira case is harder than anything! Let's get involved!" I view L as a child who wants to kill his boredom by seeking challenges.

    To Near, a case is not a game but a head-on confrontation. "If you can't solve a puzzle, you're nothing but a loser." His resolution to defeat Kira was even stronger than L's. And he had Mello for a competitor. I view Near as an unemotional human being who would try to win at any cost. Unlike L, Near doesn't hesitate when it comes to grey legal area. (The last sentence was quoted from Ohba, whether you agree).

    Besides, look at Tsugumi Ohba's answer to the question: "Is Matsuda’s theory correct?" in volume 13 HTR :

    Ohba: "Basically, I want each of the readers to decide for themselves and adopt their own views. The only thing I can say for sure is: Light ordered Mikami to not take out the real Note until the end..."

    And to Mikami, "God's will is absolute."

    Now look at what Takeshi Obata said in this same interview:

    Question: "Who is the smartest character in DN?"
    Obata: "Near, because he cheats."

    AND (as pointed out by Samurai_Drifter):
    - At the end, Near holds up the Notebook, points to Takada's name in it, and says, "This is the fake notebook we made, but it is exactly like the original." It's a very subtle point: Near wanted to prove that Mikami had written Takada's name in it, but why would he hold up the replica instead of the real one? The answer: because he'd written Mikami's name into the real Death Note and wasn't going to show anyone.

    Together the possibility of Near cheating adds up to 99%.


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