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    hongkong, ontario -_="


    yea...ven tho, deathnote still fookin rox my sox! doesnt it just make yooh wanna watch the movie even more tho? coming out in june yuh noobies~<3
    i heart gaara....-_=\"

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    I found Death Note a little boring after L died, and stopped reading.
    Then recently I heard some rumours about the ending, so I picked it up again.
    Please don't give me any spoilers!
    Thanks to all those who have simply mentioned it as 'The Last Chapter' or whatever.

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    I dunno, i was disappointed with Light when he tried to kill L the first time when L announced himself as Lind L Taylor. And the way he lost his cool at the end just proves that he is a sore loser.

    The least he could do was calm down after Ryuuku wrote his name and say
    "Damn, i lost." That would make me respect him. A bit.

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    I really don't think its Misa at the very end. The girl doesn't look anything like her. Her part was basically over a long time ago. I really liked her in the beginning, but she changed. She stopped being evil and conniving like Raito.

    But there is some sense that it is Misa, despite the drawing. Even without her memories, she still loves Raito for whatever reason, so its reasonable that after Raito is found out, she does his work.

    But then again, Misa will not dress up with a weird cult like that. She would most likely act like she did before and clearly not do anything like that, so secretly and worship like. It's just not her style.

    The argument is against that girl being Misa. I think its just someone else filling for (forgot her name, the TV woman, Takashi?).

    I really wish Misa had a better part. Obata didn't portray women very well. They all had minor roles.

    He could have also made Ryuuku's betrayal more dramatic. He made it way too obvious it was disappointing. I was laughing.

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    I think the writer kinda lost his motivation after L had died.. After that he had to think about how it had to end.. And didnt come up with another great story, but with this rushed arc.. He just wanted Raito to die, cause you shouldnt be able to get away with murdering all those people...

    I just wonder what happened with that FBI agent's fiancee... Did they found her body or not?
    and what about the book Raito burried again?

    And I thaught that the girl at the end has the shinigami's eyes... Its most likely Misa, why else put a picture of an unknown girl at the end <_<

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    Spioler Alert

    There are 3 deathnotes in the world at the end of L arc.
    1. From Ryuk, given to Light, move to Yotsuba Corp., then in NPA safe.
    2. From Remn, to Misa, to Light and he buried for Misa to dig it up and buried it again.
    3. From Remn body, which Light keeps it for himslef.

    In Mellow&Near Arc.
    Book no1. move to Mellow and then Light give book no3(I think) to NPA to counter Mellow.

    After attacking Mellow hideout,Another Deathgod(I can't remember his name) retrives no1, NPA keep no3 in the safe(or the other way around). While Misa use No2.(which I think she dig it up again.) to judge by Light order.

    So, we have deathnote no2&3 only.

    Then Light order Misa to give no2 to Mikami. After Light contact Takada, He order mikami to remove several pages, give them to Takada to do the judge, and keep the real one in bank's safe.

    As we know, in the final confrontation, Near got all the deathnotes left and burn it all.

    The end.


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