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    The whole point of getting into D.Gray-man for me was to learn more about the character Debito... Devito.. or even David!? Ergh, what ever people call him... or her? I watched episode 36, he looked interesting, so I read D.Gray-man chapters 5-111 today, whew. So, my favorite characters so far...

    Debito, Jasdebi, then Crowly (crow-chan!), Miranda, and even the akuma Chomesuke!

    And even if I never liked Rinalee (Rinari), guys need to stop hating her just because her hair is short now, pfft. I didn't like her becasue she was the most kind-hearted character who just happened to be a girl and always cried about everyone. Then, when it was found out her innocence was her heart, I guessed that was a good enough reason to be such a weak-hearted cry baby. Eh, she did look tougher with long hair, though...

    And it's freaking me out that Debito would threaten to rape Rinari in ch.102, saying he was even a girl...
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    Jasdevi is also awesome. Cool how the bad guys in this show are actually interesting characters

    Quote Originally Posted by Digital_Eon View Post
    I don't think you needed to post here for that. =P (For the record, fanboy, her name is officially romanized with a K. Hahaha~ *needed to say something to make this post not completely worthless*)
    Yeah, well I thought you'd get a kick out of it And I don't care about the official romanisation - I'll call my little Road whatever I want. Hmmph.

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    Debitto does not translate as David (see the "t"s...), and Jasdero isn't Jasper, so they probably just have weird names. I mean, Tiki, Road and Timcanpy are named after jewelry brands...

    I always liked Rinari, and I still do - besides, it isn't confirmed that her Innocence is the Heart. It really feels like no one will be satisfied no matter what Hoshino-sensei does... some of us were agreeing earlier that it would be way cooler if she was the Heart as opposed to Allen, and now... The thing is that she ISN'T a weak hearted crybaby. She's strong, and wants to be strong, but can't do anything about it - if anything is the problem, it's that she's acting like Allen did for a number of volumes. Remember? He couldn't fight, and he wanted to, but wasn't able to be strong. Unlike her, though, he had HOPE. She doesn't even know if she can use her Innocence again.

    The Debitto thing was a translation error; I think he just said rape. Yeah, um, and that's probably another reason for Allen punching him in the face.

    Your... little... Road... if I wasn't a fan of RabixRoad, I'd support you two. xD


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