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    Robin_Vegapunk is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    Jul 2007


    Could someone make me a sig? that would be awesome. *smiles sweetly* I don't care what it looks like as long as it has something to do with: RObin's bounty poster (one piece), and Eifei_Vlare written on it in the bottom right hand corner, and Robin in the top left hand corner. i like red and black. Please someone make me a sig.

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    Overlord Zetta is offline Member Newbie
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    Jul 2006


    I need someone to make me a sig with one or both of these pics in the largest size allowed. one for each would be awesome.
    first pic

    the second pic

    I want my name Overlord Zetta on the image anywhere but not taking up too much space. I also want Zetta (the guy with red hair) to be the only one in the sig. if you can get him to stick out then that is cool. make it a dark sig and try to make the character stand out. add a field of power or electricity or something that surrounds him like an aura. make the background something cool that has some sort of design or interesting look. if you actually make me something than please send me a message because I cant visit every day. make it a totally badass freak'n sig! I really dont care who makes them. anyone is welcome to do it. thanks because my last sig sucked. I tried to make one. it is bad. Thanks again. by the way, Try to use red as a color theme. k thanks.
    Last edited by Overlord Zetta; 07-10-2007 at 09:04 PM.

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    rich89 is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    Sep 2006


    can someone make a sig with this image with "blanctorche" on it. would really love it

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    Loche is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    May 2007
    My Chair


    1) The same as my current sig, please.
    2) Piccy
    3) "Loche" and "Captain" Loche in one the top left corner and Captain in the bottom right.
    4) Anyone who is willing.
    5) Font doesn't matter and color.. Should be red, and text should be.. not sure, whatever fits best. Oh and could'ja try to just get Luffy in there?

    By Suffocating Sight

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    vphamv is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    Oct 2006


    1. Any dimension
    3. Hm...either my name, or Natsume Maya
    4. If possible, I'd like Hiso to make it since she made both of my last ones. =D
    But if not anymore who would be willing would be great.
    5. Whatever color or fonts.
    Street Fighter > All

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    Ferozban is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    Oct 2006


    I have a pretty tricky request for someone whos pretty skillful with making pictures.

    Its a crossover of Claymore and Berserk. I'm bad with picture tools, but i guess there are some skilled useres out there that could manage to create this pic:

    Dimensions -
    -------------500 x177 Pixel

    Images -
    -------------i hope those 2 will be enough, if not then i'll try to find some more

    Names -
    -------------"Berserk" written in black in the left bottom (or left top, that depends on what is looks better and what is
    -------------more suited to the picture) corner
    -------------"Claymore" written in gold in the right bottom corner

    Creator -
    -------------I really don't know. Please decide youself if you want to make this pic. I one of you can capable of doing that
    -------------I would like to leave that request to you.

    Other -
    -------------the picture:
    -------------Claire (right) and Guts (left) wield their swords and their swords clash in the middle of the picture
    -------------I leave the background color/color mixture to the creator. Maybe
    -------------something fast looking, gloomy, action-packed or shadowy

    thanks forwad ~Fb

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    SAND_MAN is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    Dec 2006
    The 1/4 Mile


    Ok i wanna Power Rangers sig any dimentions

    i just want the words 'It's Morphin Time!" on it.

    spanks alot

    And this one is important ill love you for ever....

    pretty much in the centre
    (this ones bigger)

    with these on both sides

    my name in the bottom right corner
    and the words Let my ears hear not but the most sinful of lyrics anywhere.
    i would also appretiate the color scheme to remain pretty much the same.
    Last edited by SAND_MAN; 08-27-2007 at 05:16 AM.

    "Let my ears hear not but the most sinful of lyrics"

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    stained_black is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    Aug 2007
    Somewhere down the road


    1.any dimension
    2.Rei Ayanami
    3.Uh, anyone that has/have spare time?
    4.For colors I guess, something that would compliment the pic. Font you deside. bground? Also you deside. Also add the caption "she speaks through her eyes" somewhere on the sig (you place it where you want it)


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    ervan260 is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    May 2005
    surabaya - Indonesia


    1. the largest that's allowed in this forum
    2. i really want to use Aka No Ou's symbol that Onime No Kyo had in his last fight with the red king in the final volume but i don't have the file
    3. anyone who has spare time
    3. the symbol should be using it's original colors.. the rest is up to the maker of the signature. my name in the bottom left with the color of gold


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    silverwmoon is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    Apr 2006
    in my bed, sleeping


    you really want to find the image.. this is a person willing to do quite a bit of work to do a signature for you, please try to find the image it will greatly improve your chances of getting someone to make you a signature.


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