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    Talking My Weekly Web-Manga Prime

    Earlier this year I set out to create what I hoped would one day evolve into the greatest web-manga of all time. And like all good things you gotta start off somewhere. I started off posting on tokyopop and deviantart. Prime launched late last year and with its birth sought out forums seeking advice and exposure and I got a ton of both. So many awesome critiques, a moderate amount of respect for attempting the monumental task of releasing actual manga on a weekly basis--beyond the one page standard, and a tiny amount of actual praise and fandom (haha, btw I'm thankful for even that much being that old Prime had a lot of improving to do).

    I churned out a good plot of chps, started getting a decent amount of traffic and kept trying to apply advice as best I could, then I hit a wall. Although I was improving a bit and the story was picking up the growth wasn't nearly fast enough to recruit a viral amount of readers and the early suckiness of the chps deterred a lot of potentials. So I decided to do something epic, stop Prime completely. Revamp it from the ground up, draw enough chps so that I had enough for strict weekly releases, apply all the artistic advise I was given, and host it on a site--smackjeeves--that allowed users to comment on the work directly. And so 8 months later here we are, Prime 2.0; art improved, story laid out, and my drive more concentrated than ever and now I find myself here, hoping to grow and learn from you all--as well as entertain you so: Enjoy. Critique. Love. But above all, hold it to the same standards as the manga you adore.

    Read new Prime here: primeoff dot com (since i can't post links yet)


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    hmmm, well see if you hadnt told us to hold it to the same standards as the mangas we adore, I would have told you that this is amazing, I cannot believe that you actually do this on your own a chapter a week. Now since the mangas I adore aer quite high standard I'm gonna have to be a bit harsh: you rly need to work on your characters, they are too... nothing, they just look boring, while somehow your backgrounds look amazing and therefore it kind of clashes. So to be honest in my opinion the story is fine even interesting at some points, the backgrounds are ur strong point, the characters however... but I have seen worst in published mangas if that makes u feel any better.

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    Very admirable that you gave yourself the deadline of weekly releases! Alright then, critique time. 8D

    Most important: add variety to your lines. A lot of them are the same width, which makes everything seem flat. I'm not sure about what method you use, but for example (if you use Photoshop), you could use the pen tool with a slightly thick width, then use the eraser to shave in down it places so that some parts are thick and some are thin. The "Simulate Pressure" pen option is also nice to play around with.

    For your colored works, try adding more darker levels of shading. Also, you seem to shade with only one brush type - the softness generally works with skin, but clothes aren't the same, so experiment with using shading to better portray the surface of clothing.

    The special effect technology and such detailed stuff is really nice~ As Shingo mentioned, you're good with backgrounds, so keep that up. As for "boring" characters...Some screentone shading and patterns would increase the variety of each page, thus increasing interest.

    Good luck!




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